Saturday, July 31

This & That

Just random thoughts today...

My lips are sunburned. I hate it when that happens. It hurts like a big dog.  I got all kinds of stuff to put on them but most of it says to contact poison control if its swallowed. Would that be a concern to anyone else?

We ate at Bucas  last night. Crazy place. Next time we are going to make reservations for the table in the kitchen. That looked way fun. I'm thinking that'll be a good night of entertainment the next time my parents are in town. Super good food too.

We spent an hour in the Disney store last night. 56 days...until the REAL Disney store.

Andy bought some Toy Story stuff. I swear we had all of it before though. Like 10 years ago. If only we'd known we needed to prepare for the comeback.

Boarhead Cajun turkey = yummo. I'm not sure what kind of mustard to put with it though. Honey dijon wasn't the right choice.

July is my very favorite month and today is the very last day. Goodbye July. I will miss you dearly.

Thursday, July 29

Summer at Sunset

See. That was a teensy tiny little break. We are home already. I dusted the sand off the camera. Literally. Here are a few pictures from Sunset. As I looked through the pictures I realized they look just like last year...and the year before that...then I realized that is kinda a cool because it highlights our traditions. We did have some firsts this summer though...

Maci had her first try of sushi. She liked Brad will have a full time sushi eating buddy. Great.

We skipped Margaritaville for Yamatos and it was a good swap.

Brad and I biked to the beach early one morning. 40th Street Access doesn't have stairs but it does have some hills. Holy crap I am out of shape.

Maci and I trekked all the way around the island. We survived some treacherous landscaping to get it done but we made it!

We went to the Planetarium!

We found a fabulous deli that will be a new tradition.

Happy Summer!

Monday, July 26

A Teensy Tiny Little Break

My July blog run has been good! So good I felt I could harass some other bloggers on their recent slackedness. (like that word? I don't know if it is a word but I'm calling it one)

However, this is the last of my pre blogs so I must admit...I'm actually not even at home right now. Yes, this is a previously recorded blog. We are beaching it for a few days so I'll be back to live blogs in a few with a much better tan and few pictures to share.  See you then.

Sunday, July 25

Just Save It

I don't remember when or how but one time I stumbled into this site. Save that link. Super fabulous information we all should have access to.

No, that isn't my grandma up top. I don't know who that is actually. I just googled "vintage Grandma" and I thought she looked like a winner. Much better than this one.

I'm sure she is a lovely lady and all but that sweater choice would make me second guess any advice she had to offer.

Friday, July 23

A Little Summer Redo

It's hot. Like super hot. That means I had to go shopping for a summer conforter. We have a great raging red winter set that I adore but it's hot. So I went to TJMaxx (love that place) and picked up a dandy Ralph Lauren set for well under $100! Cha-ching.

To complete the redo I had to take down the red curtains. The "new" curtains are mistreatments. $5.99 pillow cases from another favorite store- Target (read that with the fancy accent). The rods were stolen borrowed from Brad's office. Which works perfectly because the old red curtains are now in Brad's office. His old curtains? They are in my bathroom. Did you follow? That my friend is called "shopping the house" which is my other favorite place to shop.

Before you take a peek at the pics let me apologize (yet again) for my lack of photog skills. Our bedroom is loooonnngg and kinda skinny. Which works well for me to fulfill a life long dream of a corner/diagonal bed- but it isn't great for taking pictures. It also means I have a big empty space at the other end of my bedroom...anyone want to donate furniture to the cause?
Before- Raging Red

After- Summer Blue
The little stairs are for Spicy. Honest. Here is proof. He is spoiled rotten.

Thursday, July 22

The Hippie Chick

So we've already covered the fact that many of you are no longer blogging. I had no choice but to move on. I even deleted some of you from the list. It's not personal. It's business. (Yes, that is from You've Got Mail) No updates. No linky for you.

In my quest to find some linky worthy blogs I started with Jana's list. I went down the whole thing. Many (most) of them bored me. It's not personal. I bore easily. But one of them- one of them is funny. It's Aud's blog and it is funny I tell you. I also noticed she goes to The Nester. That settles it. Any friend of The Nester is a friend of mine. So even though I don't really know this self proclaimed hippie girl (although I think I maybe I was at her house for a shower once??)I'm adding her to the Linky list.
And Aud...if you ever read this...don't do the home birth in the bathtub...even hippie chicks gotta draw the line somewhere sweetie.

Wednesday, July 21

Hey, Where Did Everyone Go?

Look over there at the blogs I read is a sad day. Out of the 13 or so blogs listed only 3 are even updated anymore. Not naming names but some of you have small children or are newlyweds or recently moved or all of the above. You have lots of blogging material. What's the deal? Doesn't anybody blog anymore?

I know the "pros" like Nester and Vintage are still kicking but where are the rest of you? It's too quiet...I see you reading but no one is talking back to me anymore...Hello? Hellllloooo? Is this thing on?

Tuesday, July 20

Trash & The Grouch

Let me preface this with a defensive statement-- In all of my adult life, I have never ever had a separate bill for trash collection. Never.

In Oklahoma it was included on our electric bill. I never gave it a thought. In Lake Park it was included in our tax bill. (I assume) So again I never gave it a thought. For the first 5 1/2 months in this house I never gave it a thought. And happened. We got skipped. Humph. That wasn't nice. We only have pick up once a week so we had alot of extra trash coming into the following week. Guess what. We were skipped again! This time Oscar Brad was none too happy. He called the trash people and demanded an explanation. They gave him one. We aren't customers.

WHAT? We've lived here for almost 6 months and our trash has been taken every week for 6 months (minus the last 2). We asked if possibly the previous owners had paid in advance and it just ran out. They said no. They say our address isn't even in the system. What inthetrashcollectingworld is going on here. Apparently we scored free trash collection for quite some time. I don't think it is considered stealing when we didn't know we were supposed to be paying. Do you?

Another week has passed. As I type, Oscar Brad is hauling a crapload of trash to the curb AND placing a little envelope with a check enclosed under the door mat. That is our peace of mind that tomorrow morning all the trash will be taken away.
If not...the kids and I are going to have to bury it in the back yard before Brad gets home. He really (really) will lose it if we have to hang on to 3 weeks of trash. Really.
They took the trash. They dropped off a recycle bin. The check is still under the mat. 5 more free months? Kidding!!!

Mrs. Brown's Shrimp Fettuccine

1 package fettuccine
1 1/2 lbs shrimp (peeled, deveined- I use frozen)
1/2 c unsalted butter (or you could substitute extra virgin olive oil)
1/4 c minced fresh parsley (or 2T dried)
2 garlic cloves (minced)
2T lemon juice
2T chicken brother
1/2 t salt
1/8 t pepper
1/2 c shredded parmesan cheese

Then my additions to the recipe...
1 bag of fresh spinach
small container of cherry or grape tomatoes (cut in half)

Cook noodles as directed. In a large skillet saute shrimp in the butter for 4 minutes. Add parsley, garlic, lemon juice, broth, salt, & pepper.

Add the spinach handfuls at a time so it can wilt. Add the tomatoes at the end. Stir a bit more until the tomatoes look right. (I don't know...that's just the kind of cook I am...eyeball it.)

Drain the noodles and put them in a large bowl. Pour the shrimp mixture over them. Mix with 1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese.

Voila. Mrs. Brown's yummy spinach fettuccine- with a summer twist.

Monday, July 19

The Science of Snacks

So initially you may think that researching where to use your Disney snack credits is a bit over the top. But I gotta tell you- not all snacks are created equal. With the dining plan every person receives one snack credit per day. If these aren't strategically planned out, one might waste their credit on Coke, popcorn, or bagged cookies. A little bit of research will lead you to The Disney Food Blog- the Bible of all things food Disney. Before long you will be salivating over something like this chocolate peanut butter cupcake from Disney's Hollywood Studios. It's ok. Go ahead...scroll and drool. I'll wait.

Yes, that would be chocolate shavings on top of peanut butter icing on top of chocolate cake with more peanut butter icing in the center. Of course if you are some alien being and don't find the combo of chocolate and peanut butter to be the end all of all snacks. There are many more options. Like this runner up for me...

The carrot cake cookie available at The Writers Shop (also in DHS). Yummo.

Another option- the Butterfinger cupcake.

Moving to is our very own snack try from Sunshine Seasons (along with Brad's counter service meal).

This was butterfinger cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, and chocolate cake.

Now, you understand why snack research is essential. Plan wisely and you can eat your way through the World. (for free!!!)

I beg of you- for the love of all things Disney- do not waste a snack credit on Dr.Pepper!

Sunday, July 18

Christmas in July

You know how the first Christmas in a new house is so exciting- I'm in that zone right now. I have a great banister that will need lots of garland and lots of "stuff" stuck in it. Luckily, I bought *lots* of garland at Hobby Lobby last year- dirt cheap- AFTER Christmas. I love it when that happens!

It's the "stuff" I need ideas for. I know clear twinkle lights are a given. What else though? I don't want fancy or fru fru. I want fun and bright, bold colors. Have you seen our house? It is bright, bold colors. I was thinking a candy theme possibly...I've been searching online but I haven't found "it." The decorating will begin in roughly 4.2 months. I gotta get this together.

Here are a couple more views. Don't you love how Spicy thought that top picture was all about him?

Saturday, July 17

The Office- Horner Style

Not sure that I've posted a picture of Brad's office before. Partly because I'm never happy with my pictures. The realtor for this house did such a great job showing the rooms. I can not. Imagine. French doors for the opening. 2 book cases on the left wall. 2 windows on the right with a chalkboard/memo holder in between. Pretty (in a manly way) stuff on the walls. My man sitting at his desk with the laptop, his phone, and a mound of paperwork. That's my view most afternoons. I love it. Home office. Fabulous concept.

Friday, July 16

How To: Disney

Sure. You could get a basic package, grab a guide map at the entrance, and wing it. You could do that. That's just not how I do it. When I do Disney- there is alot involved. The travel dates are strategically picked based on crowd records, weather trends, and current promotions. This September will be our 2nd trip not paying for any food. That is not a coincidence.

I price everything. I book everything. I settle on ADRs (advance dining reservations) as early as possible. (Disney dining can be booked 180 days out.) Meals are planned according to park happenings. You wouldn't want to be in EPCOT on the night Spectromagic is happening at Magic Kingdom :gasp:

I buy the best guide book ever. I write down all ADR confirmation numbers on the corresponding date page. I highlight the attractions of utmost importance. Then I put together daily touring plans based on variables such as EMHs (extra magic hours), park hours, parades, fireworks, and our family must do list.

All of this is done WEEKS in advance. Weeks. Has to be. Planning ahead makes the last few days before the trip open to just plain excitement.

Upon arrival, grab the daily itinerary and set yourself on autopilot. Does everyone not have a DisneyWorld autopilot button? I thought it was standard issue. If you don't have that button, you should travel with someone that does. That is the only way to see it all. Do it all. Experience it all.
When you pass under the train is pure magic. Turn the corner. Wait for it...wait for it...ahhh...there it is- your first glimpse of The Castle. Be sure to have cameras ready if it is anyones first time to see the castle.
I promise you- this is the point where Tinkerbell sits on your shoulder and whispers, "Welcome home." What? You've never heard her? You better go back and listen again. She is a quiet little thing.
So. That's it. That's how I do Disney. Sure, it takes time and energy and work. Doesn't everything worth having take time, energy, and work? But at the end you will be rewarded with fabulous family time, a vacation to end all vacations, and memories to talk about for years.

The Business Woman

Maci and Moriah had a little lemonade stand the other day. They made some money and memories in the process. Just good ol fashioned summer time fun.

Tuesday, July 13


I almost had a panic attack seeing all the Back to School stuff at Target last night. What are they talking about- back to school?? Then it hit me. They don't mean "me." They are talking about those poor unfortunate souls that have year round school. They go back in less than 2 weeks. I am safe for another 6.

Whew. That was a close one.

Monday, July 12

So Thats How They Do It

Who knows exactly where this pumpkin might be found? The answer of "Disney World" is not specific!

Saturday, July 10


I was talking with a friend recently who was upset with herself for being annoyed about something that really shouldn't annoy her. Sadly I know all too well what she means. I've found myself angry or annoyed or even hurt by things that I really should have just let go of immediately. I do wonder why we are like that. Is it a girl thing? Guys don't seem to get annoyed nearly as often. Are they better at getting over things or are they simply better at pretending to?

Friday, July 9

Summer Television

Summer is the time I catch up on daytime television. I mostly stick to Discovery Health and TLC with a bit of The Travel Channel thrown in for good measure. I don't watch any of the wedding shows...Rock the Receptions, Say Yes to the Dress, and all that mess does not interest me. I do however watch every episode I can of Birth Day, A Baby Story, Deliver Me, and Adoption Stories. Will I ever "outgrow" this stage? I hope not.

Let me just say if you can watch an episode of Adoption Stories without crying- check your pulse. That one gets me every time.

Those docs on Deliver Me are way to intervention happy but I am still oh so jealous of them. Who wouldn't want to be an OB with two of your best friends?!

A Baby Story is better than it used to be. They are adding more baby and less story. I like that. For me, it's all about the birth. I don't care how you met or what your nursery is going to look like. Just tell me about the birth. (I am pretty good at predicting outcomes after the first 5 minutes of the show by the way.)

Next week Discovery Health is premiering NICU during their Baby Week. I soooo can't wait for this one.

Does it ever occur to anyone else that I am really in the wrong profession?

Wednesday, July 7

Every Home Needs One...or Two...

We have 2 utility sinks. One is in the laundry room and one in the garage. I love love love them both. In fact I just got finished rinsing out paint brushes and rollers in the laundry room sink. I have no idea why the previous owners wanted two...but I have been surprised at how often we use them both. At the risk of sounding like the Lowes man, I went ahead and priced them for ya. The one pictured above runs just over $100. Bargain I tell you!!! Still not convinced? Here are some of the uses I have found for mine.

*Clean the grill equipment without worry of scratching the pretty sink.
*Wash the dog- its nice and deep- (and not as yucky as using the kitchen sink)
*Scrub shoes in it.
*Work on laundry stains.
*Rinse out anything dusty, dirty, or just yucky.
*Wash hands/clean up after yard work before you go into the house.
*Rinse out paint brushes/rollers. Or set a paint brush here in a cup of water to use later- I do this ALOT and no one (Brad) even yells at me because it's in the utility sink!

There you have it. Totally random post- I know. But once you get one, you'll thank me!