Saturday, October 24

Headed to the Nest

You know how you pop from blog to blog searching for a new crafty idea or some inspiration. Most blogs you go in and out of quickly. Occasionaly you find one to save as a favorite and once every million clicks you find *that* blog. The one that becomes your go to blog for all things fabulous. You don't even know this person which makes them very celebrity like in your mind. Everything they say resonates with you. Every craft they do is fabulous. Every picture is perfect. Well imagine finding out that the celebrity blogger you adore is having a yard sale AND then imagine that you find out the celebrity blogger is not only having a yard sale but she actually lives in your metorpolitan area?! Can you hear the giddyness in my typing here?

Nester is having a yard sale and I can go!!!

Who is Nester you ask...stop right now and head on over to the nest. Read about her window mistreatments here. Read about her fabulously frugal ideas here. Be still my heart.

I'm trying desparetly not to scare off the Nester with my stalker like tendencies. I'm hoping she is flattered and not frightened by the attention. I don't know Nester but I bet she understands. I bet she has a mentor blogger too. I bet she won't even call the police when I show up 12 hours early for this yard sale.

Sunday, October 11

Over Due

The last time we went to Disney World Maci and Aaron looked like this-
Brad and I looked like this-
As you can see, we are loooonnnng overdue for another Disney trip. Thank goodness the next one is only about 40 days away. Get ready Mickey because Maci, Aaron, Andy, Payten, and Carter are headed your way!!!

Thursday, October 1

Who Knew

Who knew that cheesy little show I would catch every now and then on TLC would turn into the biggest drama since "who shot JR?" By the way...who did shoot JR? I must've been too young because I really don't even know!

Who cares why Jon stopped production- Just be glad he did!