Saturday, July 21

Missing AirBear

This is going to be a gushy post. If you don't like reading about how awesome other people's kids are then you might as well just X out here right now.  Go on.

For those of you that stayed, you must love my kids too. They are pretty great, aren't they?  Well this gushing is about Aaron, also known as AirBear.  He spent the night with a friend last night and then went with them to the lake today. Anyone that knows me understands how hard it was for me to let him go. I like to keep my chicks pretty close to the nest. Sleepovers are cool but the lake...that really pushed my comfort zone. Brad forced urged me to let him go and I do trust this family and knew they would be just as cautious as I am (if that is possible).

It's been a long 27 hours.  As I type this I'm waiting for him to walk in the door.  Because he is such a good boy I think he'll even let me hug on him and ask a million questions and maybe even watch some TVLand with me as he drifts off to sleep.  Aaron is one of the most considerate, compassionate, generous kids I have ever known.  He is smart (like super- we have no idea where it came from- smart) and really funny too. He has the best sense of humor. I think back to when the kids really were babies and that was a good place but right now, even with Maci and Aaron being in these teen years, we are really enjoying hanging out with them.  They have this maturity about them. They make us proud.  It's not only an honor-- but a joy to be their mom.

While I've been missing him today I have been listening to a little Scotty McCreery...yeah, he reminds me of my Aaron...and I can so see this story unfolding in a few years....

Friday, July 6

What a difference a week makes.  Last week the big events included tide charts and sunscreen. This week they include $1 movies and the grand opening of Aldi. Oh well. For everything there is a season. That just means there will be more time for blogging- including an Aldi Tutorial for all you newbies.  You know who you are. Don't be ashamed, it can be intimidating the first time but I'll walk you through it. Yay for lazy summer days.

Sunday, July 1

No More Family Fun?

We've been getting the Family Fun magazine in the mail as far back as I can remember. Admitedly they have been hitting the trash the last few several months, but I finally opened up the latest issue to see what fun ideas I could get for our family.

I thumbed through the cutesy ideas for snacks, games, and craft projects when it finally hit me. We have outgrown the Family Fun magazine. Yeah. When did this happen? I'm not really sure but if I tried to decorate the kids PB&J to look like a watermelon they would totally make fun of me. Even Andy. Especially Andy.

Humph. Well then. Ok. So. Now what? I need a new magazine. I need the "Fun Yet Cool Things to Do So Your Kids Won't Laugh at You" magazine. It's a little sad but it's also a lot of fun...and much less mess.