Saturday, April 2

Thank God for Uniforms

No, I never thought I would utter those words. But I did literally just thank God for uniforms. At least I know what Maci wears to school everyday- or at least in some variation. We just went through a 20 minute ordeal having her change clothes tonight before she left for SNS. (The Saturday night get together for middle schoolers at the Y)  The denim skirt (whose is that anyway?!) and converse didn't work for me or her dad.  She left in jeans.

After going through her closet and offering several suggestions I was told that her style is vintage. My style is prissy (or so I was told) and our styles just clash. That we can agree on.

It was like one of those scenes from the movies where I am picturing her as a 4 year old wishing I could still put her in those adorable red check seersucker dresses with the lady bugs on the bottom. No, I didn't say that outloud to her. I told her I appreciate her artistic abilities and style and I also like vintage.  We need to go shopping together to find an artistic vintage look that fits her style but doesn't make her look homeless. She told me we will be going to Forever 21. I guess Dillards would be out of the question.