Wednesday, December 22

Retro Banjos

Here is a blast from the past...Christmas 2008. All the kids have changed since this was recorded but it is really hard to believe that sweet little baby voice at the end is Andy. The video and lights are courtesy of Lake Park's Dave and Lisa Brown. We love the show every year but I happen to think that 2008 year was the best. ;)

Dualing Banjos Introduction - Lake Park Lights 2008 from David Brown on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 21

Tough To Be A Dog

 Spicy rests his head on a pillow and enjoys the fire. Lucy stops bothering G-mama long enough to pose for the picture. Yes friends, it is tough to be a dog at the Horner house. Someone should come rescue these pups.

Tuesday, December 14

Loser Loser

In keeping with the loser theme, I just noticed I'm a day late in joining the Home Tour. Sorry Nester. I am a slacker. I do plan to join but it likely won't happen until the weekend. I still have 2 boxes of Christmas decorations on the floor in the craft room. (shhh...don't tell the neighbors...the wreaths on the windows make them think I have it all together.) In all honesty, I may not even put out anything else. I'm sorta feeling the "less is more" sentiment this year. We don't even have stockings hung. (gasp) Yes, I know. Here is the reasoning I gave to Mr. Traditions (aka Aaron):  We always have the fireplace going. Our stockings might catch on fire, or at least melt. Here is some additional information that I withheld from Mr. Traditions: I don't like our stockings. I wanted new ones from Hobby Lobby. I was too cheap to buy them at the beginning of the season. Now they are gone. I'm still pouting.

Sunday, December 12

If Only...

If only the road to blogspot was paved with good intentions...  I've had such good intentions of blogging. I have written several mental blog posts. Sadly I've lacked the follow through of actually typing them up.  In my defense, I have been slightly psychotic concerned about finishing up this last class for my masters. As of today, I have turned everything in. I should be finished. I say *should be* because this is the week my professor looks through my portfolio and lets me know if there is anything else she needs from me. (please no...please no...please no) Grades should be posted by Dec. 27 and  I anticipate that beautiful diploma to arrive shortly after the first of the year.

So. Sad day for me. I'm a blogging loser these days. But rest assured, we're still here. The Christmas wreaths are up so the southern hospitality patrol won't come knocking and the banisters look lovely. (thanks to Maci). I will post pictures. For real. Just not today...or tomorrow...maybe next weekend.