Friday, February 18

Learning to be a Pineapple

Five years ago we drove away in the Durango.We left our hometown, fully aware that we were leaving behind everything and everyone we knew and loved. Excitement was mixed with apprehension.  Yet we knew - KNEW- this was our journey. We knew we were being led to Charlotte, NC for a reason.

I looked for that reason almost daily the next couple of years. I expected God to open the sky and show me the plan- the reason. Time went on and I kept asking...what are we supposed to do in Charlotte? What impact are we supposed to have? I guess I expected it to be one big thing or one big event.

The last few months I've heard God answering me. But His answer is different than my expectations. We are here for a reason. But the reason is much more complex and yet much simpler than I ever imagined. We are here to live. We are here to love. We are here to grow- both as a couple and as children of God. We are here to raise our kids. We are here to care for others and be cared for by others. We are here to be pineapples. Yes, pineapples.

Our last Wednesday night in Oklahoma, Pastor Greg was preaching at COTM. He spoke about when he and his wife made the move to Tulsa. They left behind their friends and family as well. They had to. God wanted them to be pineapples and pineapples didn't grow where they were from. Sometimes God moves us to grow us. He moves us to give us the environment we need to become the person He knows we can be.

But even after 5 years, I'm a long way from being that pineapple. Right now I'm probably more like the generic brand of pineapple chunks.  God has a lot work left to do in me. I know I mess up. I've messed up this week. I let my humanity seep out more than I let Jesus seep out.

But now I know. I know the reason. I know we are home. We'll happily continue living, loving, growing, raising, and caring. I'll keep striving to be that pineapple.

Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city...

Wednesday, February 9


Is it bad to still be posting Christmas pictures the week of Valentines Day? I hate it when I am scrolling and see that I said I was going to post this or that and then totally forgot about it! My mind...I'm concerned. That's all I'm saying...I'm concerned.
The colors are sooo much brighter and poppier in person. Yes. I said poppier. 

The elves got rowdy by New Year...
Traditional Christmas Eve Jammies opening 
Christmas snow.

Tuesday, February 8

True Story

Don't laugh at my 7 years sign. I so wish the whole monthly sign pictures had been invented when my kids were babies. I'm going to pretend that we've done this all along...

Anyway, 7 years ago-- four year old Aaron informed me "Baby Andrew is going to be born today." I was hopeful so we skipped church to go walk the mall.  We walked and and walked. No Baby Andrew. We ate at Sonic. No Baby Andrew. We took an afternoon nap. No Baby Andrew. Finally I told Aaron that I didn't think he was going to be born that day- it was already almost 4pm.  Aaron suggested that maybe Andrew forgot...he proceeded to climb up on the bed and lean over me to remind him. "Baby Andrew- today is your day to be born." He kissed me and hopped down. Such confidence. Feeling no contractions at all, I sent Aaron and Brad on to Awanas. (Maci was still napping) They had been gone about 15 minutes when I heard and felt that familiar POP. My water broke. Baby Andrew was going to be born that day after all!

Aaron's teacher was also pregnant. When he returned to school she asked when her baby was going to be born. Aaron looked at her very serious and said, "I don't know. I only knew about Baby Andrew."

True Story.

Happy Birthday Andy Bear.