Wednesday, April 30

Quick Corner

The flop corner is one of my favorites this time of year. All right, all times of the year. I keep the browns on top, blacks on the next row, and a few randoms mixed in. I can tell you where every pair came from. If they were a gift I can tell you who from and what the occassion was. If I bought them I can tell you when, why, and where. Pretty good for someone memory challenged as I am. Comfort does matter. And no- contrary to popular opinion- I do not have a pair for every outfit. However, I am quite goal oriented and that sounds like a good goal to me.

Sunday, April 27

Livin on Tulsa Time

I am getting ready to leave Tulsa just a few short hours actually. I took many pictures and can't wait to post them. I was able to get in 2 doctor appointments (no doc like a hometown doc), spend time with family and many friends AND attend COTM multiple times. That is a good trip. But it's time to go home. I'm ready to see my husband and my kids and extended NC family. Pictures coming soon...

Saturday, April 19

Gonna Do It

I'm hereby pledging to vote this week on American Idol. (somebody remind me please) I just love David Cook's version of Always Be My Baby (playing now) that I have to give that guy a vote. It is free isn't it? I've already spend .99 on the guy downloading the song from itunes (don't tell Brad). He is still a little upset about the New Kids downloads- like that was even a choice. Come on now. If he were to be honest though, I don't think it is the .99 that bothers him but the fact that he now has New Kids on his ipod (don't tell him I told you!).

Thursday, April 17

Lesson Learned

Two words you don't say to your pedicurist lady..."surprise me." I received a happy little gift certificate to Happy Nails for my birthday. So today, I took my happy little self down there for a pedicure. I am the type that frets for several minutes over my color choice. I test at least 3 and then seek the opinion of anyone standing around. While it isn't permanent, this is a decision one must live with 24/7 for a decent amount of time. Anyway, I must've been feeling a bit wild today because then I began to contemplate getting a little flower added to my big toes. Another lady there did that and it looked cute on her. Too bad you can't try these things on beforehand. Looking at all the choices was pure agony. I finally narrowed it down to 3 choices of dainty little flowers and then said those fateful words, "surprise me."

She surprised me by choosing to do her own thing which consisted of a larger flower and design thing. With a teensy bit of glitter! Hmm. Well then. I'm still trying to decide if I like it. It will impact my flip flop choices for the next couple weeks. It may also impact my self esteem for the next couple weeks! So...when you see it...and you will...just pretend you like it. At least the removal won't require some type of lazer surgery.

Wednesday, April 16

Weighing In on the Idols

For the first season ever I am actually keeping up with American Idol. Brad claims he has no interest and won't participate in any Idol discussion. However, Ashley is a long time Idol buff and we have frequent discussions on the contestants. If we are a good sample of the American Public-the top 3 will be David, David, and Carly.

For any other Idol Nerds out there, here is a jist of tonight's conversation- feel free to add your own 2 cents.

Brooke- Ashley says she talks too much and can't take a compliment. I like her but am concerned that if she releases an album it will be a little too tree hugger for my taste.

Kristy- We both agree she should have been gone a long time ago.

Jason- Ashley says she likes something about him and he kinda looks like John Travolta. I just can't get past the hair. There's gotta be critters living in that mess.

David Cook- Ashley says he is her favorite and she especially likes him since he joined the hair club for men and got that nasty receding hairline taken care of. I agree that he is the best...I never noticed the whole hair issue...I'm not that observant.

David A- Ashley says she had to get over his lip licking thing but now thinks he is kinda sweet. I say he is sweet but a little too sunshine for me. Again, never noticed the lip thing.

Carly- Ashley likes her. She calls her rather talented yada yada. I say she is ok but I did notice the tattoo and I don't like it. Wear some sleeves Carly.

Syesha- Ashley says simply, "Whitney wannabe" but not. I say, Syewho?

Admittedly the highlight of each show is to see if Paula could pass a sobriety test...and I guess it's only fair to add that I've never actually voted for anyone. Is that bad?

Changes Coming

Word has come down from the mount (aka- the county "people") that when Elementary School L opens for the 09-10 school year our neighborhood will be zoned for the new school. A new school is kinda exciting and I know it will be very nice. What I wonder about is how many times they will rezone before my kids graduate. It is highly likely that the high school my kids will attend hasn't even been built yet. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around all this as I come from a school system with 3 elementary schools and 1 high school. Toto, we definitely aren't in Oklahoma anymore.

Friday, April 11

My Favorite New Yorker

My favorite New Yorker gave me the best compliment this week. From Annemarie to me- "You are a better New Yorker than I'll ever be." Awwww, that is sweet. I think I am just learning from you girlfriend. But you know what would make me that BEST New Yorker ever...that big girls weekend with you as our tour guide!!!

Tuesday, April 8

Just Thinking

Walking to the car after my Kinesis class last night I thought, "who is this girl?" It is so 'not me' to sign up for some gym class that I've never heard of--let alone not knowing a soul in the class.

When did I get so bold? When did I stop being the girl that needed an entourage to go anywhere to one that will sign up for, attend, and enjoy something totally random and unconnected to any person I know.

Here's the kicker- I'll be back next Monday and this time I will know what I am in for and who will be in class with me. That's the thing about the unknown- when you push on, it doesn't stay unknown for very long.

Sunday, April 6

Here We Go Again

Has it really been twenty years? The boys are back. Touring too. Sign me up.

Tuesday, April 1


Gym workout #4- Bigger weights. Killer trainer. Bad-bad noodley muscles. Quick someone lie to me and tell me it gets better.