Sunday, March 30

Random Again

*I watched a few minutes of the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards last night and caught Miley Cyrus's performance. Now don't get me wrong, I like little Miley. We watch Hannah Montana frequently around here- and it is a cutesy show. However, that child really can't sing that well. I mentioned this to Brad (should have called a female friend for that conversation because Brad was not interested). But my point was that she should invest well because this career is going to be short lived...I don't expect her to have any top 40 songs 10 years from now- or five- three is a stretch.
*Spring break has come and gone. Maci called it boring. I called it relaxing. Tomorrow we are back to running. Good news- summer is just a hop, skip, and a jump away...Let's start skipping.

*My mother told me that Blaine Bartel will be preaching the Wednesday night service at COTM while I am there. I think the world of Blaine and can't wait to hear him again. He kind of reminds me of Dick Clark too....the man just does not age. Maybe its the Canadian in him?
*Speaking of COTM, check out their 33 days of prayer page. Some of it is Tulsa/Oklahoma specific but Charlotteans can pray for Tulsa too! Why is it 33 days? I know better than to believe it is just a random number. What is the significance of 33?
*Spicy is so smart. When Brad tells him to get a toy, he runs around the house till he finds one of his hidden toys and brings it right back. He'll just drop it at Brad's feet so they can play. He does act a little bit like an old man though (Spicy not Brad) he likes to go to bed early but won't come up here until Brad or I do. We should train him to sleep with the other old man in the house- Aaron.

Thursday, March 27


In preparation for this weeks QT meeting (aka- small group) I have been reading Hebrews 13. This verse is quite bothersome as it seems to contradict this post I wrote just a couple weeks ago. Maybe my newly invented universal sign isn't such a good idea after all? Don't you just hate it when that think you have a fabulous idea then God shows you why it isn't so fabulous after all.

Fortunately only a couple of QTers read my blog so maybe I will be able to just sit quietly without mentioning this revelation...
*picture compliments of Ashley*
-you never know where those picturess you text me will end up

Wednesday, March 26

Good News/Bad News

Good news: Lifestyle Family Fitness is offering a special for teachers. From now through July 4th teachers receive FREE membership! I signed up yesterday and it is truly 100% free. Childcare is included.

Bad news: Lifestyle Family Fitness is offering a special for teachers. From now through July 4th teachers receive FREE membership! I signed up yesterday and it is truly 100% free. Childcare is included.

Basically they have taken away all our excuses. The facility here (in Matthews) is new and very nice with friendly people and way more equipment than you'd ever need. Apparently it is rather effective too because I can barely move my fingers to type this post today. Brad says soreness and that noodley feeling is good...whatthecrapever.

In other fitness news, Brad got me (us) an elliptical for my birthday. There goes the remainder of my excuses. Actually I have wanted an elliptical for a long time now. And after all the shrimp I ate last night...and beans...and corn...and potato...and cake...I better go get started right now!!!

The music playing right now (assuming you read this fairly quickly...) is by a group called Naturally Seven. They opened for Michael Buble and were awesome...every sound you hear is made by their voices- NO INSTRUMENTS at all- I know it is hard to believe... Check out more from Naturally Seven here. You can also watch them do their version of Phil Collins Feel It- In the Air Tonight on You Tube. Incredible.

Tuesday, March 25

Run Through the Daisies

There are many ways this post could go. I could write some things I remember about Grandmama like how she watched The Price is Right at her kitchen table every morning. Or about how my first thought while getting a traffic ticket in high school was, "Crap. I know Grandmama heard this over her police scanner." I could write about the Reeses peanut butter cups in the fridge and how she always had Eskimo pies from the Schwan man in the freezer. I could write about how she called batteries, "battries" and kinda was "kiney" and WalMart was "WalMarx." I could write about how she would tell you all about some situation and then footnote it by saying, "but it isn't any of my business..." I could write about Christmas at her house where the tree was half undecorated and put away before the last gift was opened. Or about meeting at her house for Sunday morning coffee that was a family tradition for years- as far back as I can remember I guess. I could write about things I only heard about like how she reared 3 daughters and ran a successful business alone after my Papa died. Or about how strong she was. How she liked to travel and do a little gambling. There are many things to say about Grandmama.

Her last few weeks were tough on her but partly because she was so tough. She was determined to fight. I believe she enjoyed all of us being at the hospital together. I believe she heard us talking and laughing even when she could no longer respond. I believe she knew her girls weren't there the night she passed. I believe she wanted to spare them that experience. I believe she heard the words of "The Wonderful Cross" playing on the television. I believe she heard me tell her goodbye and I loved her and how proud I was that she was my Grandmama.

Today- on her birthday-I believe she is healthy and whole. And I definitely believe she is running through the daisies. Happy Birthday Grandmama. I miss you.

Friday, March 21

The Expected

Some people like the unexpected. I like the expected. Every year Brad's Grandma Haver sends me a box of cookies and a WalMart gift card for my birthday. This years package arrived today. And as I usually do, I will use the gift card for a beautiful fern to hang on the front porch. There is just a nice sense of comfort in these expected things. I appreciate them more and more each year. I don't think Grandma Haver reads the blog but just in case...Thank you again Grandma! The cookies are yummy- I promise to keep them far away from Spicy this time- and I will send you Easter pictures soon. Love you!

Wednesday, March 19

Buble at Bobcats part 2

The little slide show would not do the Michael pictures justice. You can see them here instead. Be sure you click to make them big! Did I mention how close we were??? Jess, I saw the sweat fly but none of it landed on me. I was ok with that... Even though he is a cutie, sweat is still sweat! And he IS a cutie, such an entertainer. I did get some video on my camera but I don't know how to post that here...I'll investigate later possibly.

Buble at Bobcat

Through a series of random and crazy events I ended up getting to go see Michael Buble in concert tonight. I literally did not have the tickets until a few hours ago AND we ended up with floor seating! What an unbelievable- AWESOME night! We got some amazing pictures I will have to upload tomorrow. Here are just a couple...taken without zoom- he really was THAT close!

Monday, March 17

Now You Know

Right up there with the top mysteries of the universe is the age old question, "why do the socks disappear in the wash-is it the washer or the dryers fault?"

Well folks, I have a heftly little Maytag Man bill and 3 ratty socks to prove it is definately the washer's fault. Yes, your washer CAN and probably has eaten some socks. Now if you have a top loader...I don't know how it happens but if you have a front loader, somehow the socks go to the inbetween place (think purgatory) betweek the drain and the hosey thingy. They get stuck there. They clog the hole. They wreak havoc on your washer causing it to display a variety of crazy help messages. They cause days of frustration as you try drain cleaners, a variety of wash cycles, and force your husband into saying words worse than "whatthecrapever.". Finally when you give up and call the little man, he will happily beebop out to the house (at his earliest convenience) to realease the socks from their impending doom and free your washer from it's state of constipation. All for the better part of $100.

That- in a nutshell- is the true story of what happens to socks in the wash.
PS- I just googled for the's not my washer or my husband!!!

Friday, March 14

I wish...

I wish there was an accepted, understood, and universal sign for, "I'm sure you are a lovely person but I would prefer to not visit right now." Although rare, there are occasions such as on an airplane, in a department store, or while getting a pedicure that I just want to be left alone. I seem to have a face that screams "Talk to me. Tell me your life story. I will be interested." Most of the time these are quite normal friendly people. I'm sure if I were in a chatty mood I would enjoy the conversation. However, when I just want to think about nothing- forget what I have left to do in the day- and relax-- I would like to express these thoughts through a friendly yet effective signal. Here is what I'm thinking....It's time for someone to invent this. OK fine. I'll do it myself.

The universal signal for "I mean no disrespect but leave me the crap alone" will be---- a tilted head smile without showing any teeth. When someone gives you the signal you must not take it personally. You must not get angry. You must reply with a tilted head in the opposite direction smile without showing any teeth. This will signify, "ooohhh...I apologize. I had no idea you were looking for a little down time. I will sit here quietly and mind my own business without any ill will toward you- bless your heart."

Women across the world will thank me for this. Done.

Thursday, March 13

The Verge of Shady

****if pictures have stopped scrolling, refresh to start them again*******

We visited "the verge of shady" last night. Actually I would say this place was well into the realm of shady. Putting that aside,the concert was great. I'd love to see both Matt White and Five Times August again, just not at this particular venue. Enough said.

Monday, March 10

Kickin Little Cuties

I have become "that soccer mom." That soccer mom minus the mini van that is. You know the one that matches the ball with the bag and the shoes and the shingaurd/sock combo thing. Not too matchy but at least coordinating. Aaron may not have been the fastest runner on the field but he was the best dressed. Andy may not have been the most interested in scoring but he was the cutest. By a mile.

Actually, both boys did very well. Aaron described his coach as "aggressive." He had them running laps and up this glorified bump that Aaron refers to as "the mountain." He may be a bit sore tomorrow... Andy listened to "Coach Dad" very well and had no problem making some new friends.

Brad quickly realized Andy's team is a little younger than he coached last time. As he stood there giving them 2 and 3 part directions I admitedly had an evil little grin. Four year olds and 2 part directions don't mix. There was a fleeting thought of "welcome to my world." However, Brad is quite good with the kids and he will tweak the games before Wednesday.

No soccer tomorrow. Tomorrow is all about Maci and gymnastics.

Thursday, March 6

First Love

It's way too late at night to be starting a blog of this magnitude. But I gotta try... Andy asked for his first little girlfriend tonight. His exact words were, "it would be good if you were my girlfriend." I was listening from the front seat...anxiously awaiting the answer of his beloved.

Without much hesitation, she said yes! So now my little Andy has his first official girlfriend- Miss Osborn. I couldn't have picked anyone better. :)

Sunday, March 2

Weekend Ramblings

*It gets harder every year to pick out Easter outfits for the kids. 3 kids. 2 sexes. Have to coordinate. Maybe one year I will give up the coordinating part. But not this year.

*When I asked the kids to sign the behavior policy from the afterschool program, Maci signed without hesitation. Aaron said, "um...can I read it over first?" To which Maci replied, "ooohhh that would've been good." That pretty well sums up the differences between those two.

*Freshly Brewed in Indian Trail has the closest thing to QT's frozen cappuccinos that I have found...too bad they are 3 times the price.

*I looked up the lyrics to this song- it is 'hearts all over the world' not 'hurts all over the world.' Mystery solved.

*Target has Tshirt sheets on sale for $9.99 this week. All sizes.

*Last weeks Lost episode was the best in the series so far. Loved it. Gotta watch it again. Need a PhD to really comprehend it. I have a feeling it's only going to get deeper...anyone have cliff notes for me?

*Daffodils are blooming. Ferns are already hanging. I love Carolina in the spring and we are getting close.

*My birthday month has officially started. Let the festivities begin. ;)