Sunday, December 30

A Little Interaction

I saw this on Valerie's myspace and loved it! I hope she doesn't mind that I snagged one. Please sign in...please.

Saturday, December 29


At this moment my parents are en route back home. It's been a very long day for them. Never mind the fact they wanted to get to the airport ridiculously early, but the flight ended up being delayed for maintenance issues. Their 3:20 departure ended up being closer to 7:20. Of course this makes connections rescheduled and it appears they won't be home until the wee hours of Sunday. I hate this for them. I understand I have no control over it but I still hate it.

When you move literally half way across the country you learn who is willing to make the long haul to visit. That isn't a dig or jab. It is simply fact. We recognize that coming here is no small feat. Whether you take the 2 day drive or go with the expensive and often frustrating flight, it is difficult. Not impossible by any means but you have to really want to see us. Mother and Daddy have faithfully come once a quarter since we've been here. They really want to see us...or at least the grandkids. ;)

Anyway, knowing it is such a hassle leaves one (me) feeling responsible and a little guilty when they have such travel trouble. The least I can do is stay up tonight until I hear they are safely home.
Thank you for coming Mother and Daddy. We miss "big family" already!


WIP=work in progress-- Maci and I are working on a fun little project inspired by one of the Christmas gifts from a student in my class. We have a few finished but I don't want to post pictures yet...we are giving them to friends that I believe are blog readers. I will post pics soon...and directions. You crafty people will want to get in on this....Connie...if you haven't seen these before, you will be running to the craft store for supplies!

Friday, December 28


What do you mean you didn't fill a stocking for me?

Wednesday, December 26

We love Wii

Why did Brad stand in line at 6am the day after Thanksgiving jeopardizing life and limb (maybe a slight exaggeration) to make sure Aaron would have the #1 item on his Christmas wish list? To get this kind of response-

We love the Wii!!! Bonus points were added because this is the first Christmas I can ever remember where we ALL played the same game-and enjoyed it! By the end of the day we weren't bored or cranky...we were just getting warmed up.

Saturday, December 22

Must See Lights

If you are anywhere near the area you must come visit the lights of Lake Park, especially here. The Brown family does an absolutely incredible light show. They also feature pictures from other Lake Park homes and video of their show on their website. Check it out. Be sure to bring some change (or dollars) as well because they have a collection box for a local charity- To date they have raised over $900 for the Union County Christmas Bureau.

Friday, December 21

The Joy of Christmas Shopping

I've been "almost done" for days now- weeks maybe. I start early and that works well except that I never feel I have enough. I like to wrap things as soon as I get them home. They immediately go under the tree and I can keep a running tally that all is even and everyone has plenty to open. This year however, with the arrival of Spice Dog we can't leave packages unattended. He'd think of everyday as Christmas Day and I shutter to think of the mess involved. So everything is sufficiently hidden in the #1 parental hiding spot -the top of my closet. Now ya'll know how my memory is stellar and all, but I may have forgotten a few of the items I have already purchased. My best guess is that I really am done but to be certain I have a plan of action-

The goal for tonight is:
-wrap everything
-make a list of what I have for which kid
-check it twice
-fix any inequity (is that the word I am looking for?)
-be officially DONE for the 07 holiday season!

Wednesday, December 19

Rolling Doubles!

Happy Birthday to my very dearest friend. I won't gush or anything. I already did that here. But I do want the world to know that it's your birthday and for the next 3 months you are a whole year older than me! ;) Love you Kendi. Hope you are having a fantastic day. In true form I thought we could celebrate both yours and mine when I am home in March. No that isn't code for "I don't have your birthday present yet." I know exactly what I am getting you and it is safely waiting for the store...but I will have it before I come home and you will love it.

Saturday, December 15

For your blogging pleasure

Because we can never have too much music, I recently added a video roll. Take a peek under the first set of blinkies for the Michael Buble channel from YouTube. You can click and listen without leaving the blog. I believe the videos will randomly change each time you pull up the blog. Just mute the other music I have going (on the slide show) By the way, I just changed that music...the last song was too slow. The blogger people need to come up with a way to have music play like MySpace does so I don't have to add the slide shows to every page. I have found this music addicting and now that I've found how to have it auto play, I can't imagine a silent blog. Hopefully the smart guys at Blogger are working on a playlist for us.

Friday, December 14

You better watch out.
You better not cry.
You better not pout.
I'm telling you why
Grandmama is coming to town.

She sees you when you're sleeping.
She knows when you're at school.
She knows if your room is clean or not
So clean it for goodness sake!

Oh, you better watch out.
You better not cry.
You better not pout.
I'm telling you why
Grandmama is coming to town.

She loves it when you're reading.
She loves it when you're safe.
She knows if you're wearing your bike helmet
So wear it for goodness sake!

Oh, you better watch out.
You better not cry.
You better not pout.
I'm telling you why
Grandmama is coming to town.

Papa too!


I feel like I'm taking a test and the questions keep getting harder.

Can I get a new Barbie? Can I pierce my ears? Can I have a snack? Can I stay up late? ... Can I call my friend? Can I ride my bike to the culdesac? Can I watch that movie? Can I play at the neighbors house? Can I have a party? Can I walk to the park? Can I paint my nails something besides CLEAR? Can I wear lip gloss? Can I stay out til the streeet lights come on?
Whats next- asking for the car keys and college tuition?
Anyone have a cheat sheet?

Wednesday, December 12

Good Times

Tonight we went to Erin and David's for small group and it turned out to be VERY small group. But I gotta say I like it that way. I like curling up on the couch, eating yummy food, and laughing with friends. Now Erin may be disappointed because the crowd didn't come but she shouldn't be. Small group is all about making connections, building relationships, creating bonds. Thats exactly what happens in our small group- especially on the nights that it is VERY small. Thank you for the soup, the good time, and your friendship E! Love you.

It Is the Thought That Counts...But...

I had to really think about who has my blog address before posting this. Taken wrong it could come off as ungrateful and that is not at all what this is about. Our awesome PTO put on the annual holiday luncheon for us today. It is a festive time- the media center decked out with decorations that rival anything Martha might do. Seriously, the decor rocks. The hours they put in to transform the media center into a themed land are astounding. Phone calls are made to persuade parents come in to monitor the prisoners- I mean students- while we get an entire 60 minute lunch hour. Yes, eat your heart out we actually had 60 minutes of non interrupted lunch today.

What? You get that every day? Huh, you actually leave work for lunch? There are no milk cartons involved? Humph. You may stop reading right now because I am no longer speaking to you. Freaking business majors.

Anyway, this is the day we pretend to be real professionals and retreat for our 60 minute lunch. The sentiment is wonderful, ambiance is fabulous, company is lovely, food was scrumptious. At least it probably was scrumptious when it was set out at 10:00. However, by my release time of 11:40, it is cold and possibly containing multiple strands of salmonella. I try to stick with basics and as much store purchased food as I can find. How do I know some crazed parent didn't lace the green beans with ex-lax? We insist that our students only bring prepackaged snacks but we allow any yahoo parent to cook up something with their 7 cats and serve it in a dimly lit room where the hair balls will go unnoticed.

Just a suggestion here but maybe instead of asking all these people to bring a dish they could ask them to spring $3 and cater it in? I'd be happy to chip in myself if I am going to get a hot meal that I can feel confident will not end in a toilet encore. I know I am just a peon. A measly teacher and all. But honestly- for the love of Pete- Is a 60 minute lunch -once a year- with food that would pass a health inspection really too much to ask for?

Sunday, December 9

Feeling Nostalgic

Here are some of my favorite pics (and memories!) from the last year and a half- I hope you enjoy the look back...if you aren't in any of these, come on over and we'll get out the camera!

Saturday, December 8

More Life Lessons from Bunko

I haven't found a Friday funny to post yet. Too bad I can't put some of our Bunko moments on You Tube. Those would make nice Friday funnies. Bunko is always an educational experience. Here is what I learned last night.

1- A low score win will also get your card audited. Geez, of all kinds of luck I seem to have Bunko luck which is a curse rather than a blessing. But I'll still take the money. Thank you very much.

2- We could have traveled to China in less time than it took to do that Chinese gift exchange.

3- I talk big but I'm a weenie. Both the hurricanes and blanket gifts were "stolen" from me and I didn't even scheme to get them back. (You have to tread lightly when you've won 3 months in a row) I ended up with a cutesy little acrylic basket thingy...I heard they were for sale at the Southern Christmas show. Any good ideas on how to use it??
And last but not least is the lesson I taught-
*Always eat before you go. You never know what the food will be like and even if it is good, you don't want to look like a piggy.

Wednesday, December 5

Life in the Zoo

You know how you turn the radio up while you are driving down the highway? Slowly, bit by bit you dial it up, hardly noticing. By the time you reach your destination it is loud- but you stop the car, get out, and don't give it a second thought. Later, when you get back in and turn the key in the ignition, the radio is blaring loud. You whirl it down and ponder how that happened.

My children are the same way. They start out fairly quiet, bit by bit they get louder and louder. I unconsciously adjust by tuning them out, moving rooms, etc. Then like a switch, I suddenly come to and hear them full blast. I flip around to see middle man dragging big sister through the kitchen by her leg with little man bringing up the rear of the parade hooting and hollering himself. When exactly did my cozy home turn into the monkey exhibit at the zoo? More importantly, where is the glass to protect me from the wild?

Monday, December 3

Didn't Make the Cut

Here are some random thoughts/incidents that I intended to blog about but was either too lazy, distracted, or just forgot before I got it done...

*the WalMart greeter thinkin I was shoplifting the $9.97 garland that was hanging open in the cart amidst my insulting!

*the dangers of drinking straws...and Andy's latest visit to the ER...

*the scene at WalMart as I accidentally ran my cart into a display while attempting to secretly test some lights by plugging them into the big outlet thingy...come to think of it, that was the same night my receipt was audited...hmmm...

*the lovely luncheon at Treshers Sunday afternoon with a great recipe for poppyseed

*details on the best darn longest lasting doggie cologne I have ever smelled...

*to Santa or not to Santa and why I don't really have a large opinion either way...

There you have it. The blogs left on the cutting room floor....

Saturday, December 1

Dec. 1

Yes, I am a cotton headed ninny muggins. Today is December 1st and I still do not have my Christmas wreaths hung in all the windows. We take that seriously here in the South. I better get that done today before we are kindly asked to take our fall decor and leave the neighborhood. (Bless our hearts) Of course I have all the wreaths from last year but I need to run to get those magical 3M hanger thingys that really work. I also need to sneak in a few packs of icicle lights (don't tell Brad) and another pack or two of garland. We've noticed here that although the window wreaths are a Holiday decor requirement, few people actually outline their houses in lights like they do in Tulsa. So this year we (don't tell Brad) are on a mission to show them how it's done! Busy weekend...add in that Maci is singing at 2 Christmas tree lightings and we have 2 sleigh rides to enjoy and the idea of those icicle lights really gets tricky. But this weekend, it is top priority (don't tell Brad) and I'm sure we (he) will get it done.