Wednesday, September 30

Saving My List

I saw this on my facebook page and had forgotten I had done it...I just wanted to kinda keep it so I'm going to "save it" here on the blog. (so #26 could be that I am quite forgetful and #27 could be that I am also quite sentimental.)

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you

1- I've been tagged by Mark, Tammy, Julia, and Ashley for this so I feel obligated now. Why does this sort of thing make me feel obligated?
2- I love summer.
3- I love the beach in the summer. I love seeing Brad and the kids loving the beach. Everyone is just content there.
4- I am not so fond of January or February. Or October. (great...October is back again...)
5- I have a complex about having to do things myself- if I want it done right, I have to do it myself type thing. Not so great.
6- Little things matter to me.
7- Brad's favorite number is 7. He always has the kids pick a number between 1 & 10. It is always 7. Andy hasn't figured this out yet so he always loses.
8- 8 is my favortie number. I tell my kindergartners that it looks like a snowman that ate his head. Eight- ate- get it???
9- I'd like to spend every fall and winter at Disney and spring and summer at the beach.
10- I am a list maker. I have lists for everything.
11- I like my lists to be neat.
12- I hate those pens that spit on the paper. Yuck. I prefer those smooth felt tips or thin line markers.
13- I like to shop and I love Dillards, Hobby Lobby, and Target most of all.
14- I love living in the South and raising my kids here. It's just different here.
15- I love it when my house is full of family or friends. Wall to wall. Love it.
16- I love spontaneous road trips...that I plan.
17- I am so thankful for my friends here. I've been so blessed.
18- 18 is another favorite number of mine.
19- I'm a bit of a rebel.
20- But I hate it when other people don't follow the rules I am following.
21- I love red. If you are buying me something- get it in red.
22- I love steak, fajitas, and loaded nachos. (not at the same meal!)
23- I wish I knew how to cut hair. I may go to beauty school when I retire, just for the heck of it.
24- I am as loyal as loyal can be. But if you mess with never get my full trust back.
25- I may be a rebel and not tag 25 people...maybe just 10...or maybe 26. That's how much of a rebel I am!

Saturday, September 26

Lost Pics of Summer

Somehow I overlooked the pics from our backyard camping experience. I should've posted these weeks ago. Camping in the backyard is quite fun, however it really isn't a summer sport. Maci and I lasted until about 1:30am and then we "camped" in the living room under the cool air conditioner. That still counts though because we didn't go upstairs to our beds- we roughed it on the couch and the recliner. The boys suffered through the heat all night though- except Spicy...he came in with us girls!

This "seven man" tent really only sleeps 1 dad and 1 boy on the ground plus 1 mom, 1 tween, 1 baby boy, and 1 Spicy dog on an aero bed.

One more Smore please.

Yes, it was dark outside...I had no idea my camera flash worked so well!

Even campers need light, water, a cell phone, and a house phone.

Tuesday, September 22

Annoyed...For No Good Reason

I'm just generally annoyed today. This post has no real purpose so if you are one of those "everything must have a purpose" people you may want to go ahead and exit now. Because I am just annoyed for no real reason. My "not good enough to annoy me yet are annoying me" reasons are:

*Cubbies without doors. I don't like the kids crap falling all over the place. I need the doors...and when it gets cold and the they have coats, gloves, hats, and mittens.
Aw geez.
*Come to think of it, anyone that thinks NC winters require coats, gloves, hats, and mittens annoy me.

*That apple book I tried to do with the kids today was too hard. What was I thinking?

*Why can't my hair be as blonde as it used to be (15 years ago!) without me spending so much $$$ at the salon?

*Why are my hair appointments usually one week too late?
*People making wrong decisions annoy me. Yes. I am thinking of one in particular.

*The drama at the tanning place. Drama at the tanning place...seriously...that in itself is annoying.

*I don't have another free evening at home until Sunday night. Sometimes a girl just needs a night to come home and put on her pajamas.

See. I told you I didn't have any real reasons.

Saturday, September 19

Southern Football

A few things I've noticed so far this season and keep thinking, "it must be a southern thing."

*umbrellas at games to keep the sun off- LOTS of them

*full out beach tents at the top of the stands for really staying in the shade- never have I seen such a thing

*sweet tea sold at the concession stand

*those beach tents also appear on the field for the coaches to use (notice in the picture)

*yellow tape to mark off the reserved section- yeah. like crime scene tape.

*the largest cheer bows you have ever seen. ever. seriously.

*home team cheerleaders taking the visiting cheerleaders by the hand and loading them down with snacks, treats, and water. did i mention they literally take them by the hand? bless their hearts.

Saturday, September 12

Permission Granted

I am writing this blog today to give myself permission to be a slacker. I need to get these thoughts "on paper" so I can file through them better and then move on. First the excuses- we are really busy right now. I love it. I do. Cheerleading. Football games. New school year. New school. New curriculum. Andy in school. LP Fall Festival coming up. Grad school. House projects. (did you see all that painting?!) Fun time with friends- you have to schedule that you know- it is very important to keep relationships strong. Date nights- also very important to schedule although we have sucked at this lately. We are going to start weekly gym dates this week. Yeah, yeah, I know you are jealous. ;) It is a busy season in our lives right now. So there are some things I have to let go.

The first thing I let go was a pretty easy one. I am having my house cleaned. Yes. Cheapo me is paying another person to clean my house. Let me tell you it is worth every single dime. She does a super fantastic job and this has freed up a huge amount of weekend time for us. Before you say you can't afford it, check it out. Find someone that is reasonable. I did. Again- worth every dime. My girl even leaves us little surprises...this week it was cutesy ceramic pumpkins and doggy treats for Spicy. You know I like to share but she is getting really busy so I can't give you her name. She's mine! Find your own. :)

Now we come to what I am beating myself up over- COUPONS. I'm suffering from major "lack of couponing guilt." I love coupons. I love deal finding. I hate that I know I've spent too much money on groceries lately because I haven't had the time to do the couponing.

So here is where the permission comes in. I hereby grant myself permission to forget about coupon research while grad school is in session. I can't manage homework and coupons at the same time. I'm going to have to let coupons go for a short while. But here is my plan- between classes I have a 3 week break. I will take that time to get organized again, develop a reasonable plan, and get back to deal finding.

My classes don't end until Friday so this week- I'm going to go to the grocery store without a single coupon and it's going to be OK. No one will laugh and point. No one will know I am a coupon loser. But according to there are going to be FIVE inserts this Sunday and I highly encourage everyone to buy a paper tomorrow. Am I contradicting myself here? Maybe so. Maybe permission is only granted temporarily. Even coupon losers have to be prepared for the next triple event at Harris Teeter you know...

Friday, September 11

What a Sign

Wow. Just saw this. Notice the rainbow over Poplin on dedication night. I sure feel like I hit the pot of gold being on the Poplin team.

Tuesday, September 8

Finally Finished

It was a long Labor Day Weekend but we love the results! None of the colors photograph exactly right. The main color is a golden tan color. It isn't yellow but it does have a gold hue. We rearranged some furniture and lots of decor. Don't you just love how you can rearrange and make things look all new? I also bought a handful of pieces from TJ Maxx. Yes. TJ Maxx. I got the ideas from Pier 1 but then walked down a few stores and saved major money at TJ Maxx~ The bad news is all this new paint made the upstairs look pretty bad...when is the next long weekend?

Monday, September 7

The Labor Continues...

Crap here. Crap there. Crap everywhere.
Pretend everything is back in its place...

Cracker Bitz

Dining Room=Done

The color is called Faded Clay. It is richer than the picture shows. I adore it. On to the living room...

Sunday, September 6

Labor Day in Progress

Here is the picture frame I stole from Pier 1. Ok, so I didn't "steal it" steal it. I just stole the idea- perfectly legal. I loved their $28 picture frame I came home and made it. I had these 3 wooden window frame mirrors hidden under the bed. You know how you shove stuff under the bed when you don't want to decorate with it anymore? Anyway, I pulled them out, removed the mirrors and voila- the perfect frame for my project!

Here are the step by step instructions-

1. Paint the frame. I used the sample of Cork that we thought we'd use on the walls. We decided it was too much for the walls but perfect for this project!
2.When the paint is dry, attach craft string to the frame using thumbtacks and a hammer. If you bend 1 (or 10) thumbtacks, don't can get a bazillion 88 cents at Wal-Mart. I hammered the thumbtacks into the wood. Pull it tight but know that it will stretch a bit too.

3. Flip it over and attach your favorite photos with cutesy clips. The clips were $2.88 at Wal-Mart- in the office supply section. I used the pictures that Taylor took of us this summer. All black and white- love them.
4. Ta-da! Here is the final project. I love love love it! Had I purchased these from Pier One the cost would have been $84. However since I stole the idea...*my* total cost was $7.93! Makes me love it even more!

Friday, September 4

LABOR day Weekend For Sure!

Yes. It looks scary now. Once we choose the final "gold-notyellowynotbrownish-gold" we'll be in good shape. Yes. The cabin red will take multiple coats. It's just one wall. Yes. That faded clay in the dining is fabulous. It isn't as orange as the picture shows. That is everyones fav- even Brad's! More pics as we go....

Tuesday, September 1


Andy's first teacher...who happens to be one of my closest friends- hooray!
Maci's first football games

Go Pirates!

I got 16 of the 18 in this shot.

Maci's first day of middle school

Aaron and Andy's First Day of school

First look at my classroom...I'll post more school pics later.

Ok, here's another.

And another...but they don't do the room is HUGE and fabulous! I'll take more when I get a chance. Of course Mrs. Tresher and I are in the process of getting our learning patio all decked out as well. ;)