Thursday, May 28

Maybe You Had to Be There

Disclaimer: This may be one of those "you had to be there" stories...but I was there and I'm telling you it was funny!

Background info- Andy believes anyone with a beard and mustache is "shifty." He pronounces it as "sifty" and although I don't know where he came up with this, he is quite adament about it.

Setting: In the car on the way home

Aaron: Hey look. There is an old man on a ripstick! He has a beard and mustache even.

Brad: Andy, what does that mean if he has a beard and mustache?

Andy: Ohhh that means he is "sifty." He probably stole it.

Maci: (in her "I am a tween, I know all" voice) Andy! You can't steal a mustache.

All of us: The ripstick Maci! Not the mustache!!!

Bless her heart. :)

Tuesday, May 26

My Favorite Pic

The above is my favorite picture from the beach last weekend. Who wouldn't love the sight of sand dunes? Below is my 2nd favorite picture. Why? Because Ashley didn't want to pose in front of those...whatever they are...but she did anyway because she is that kind of friend. The "this is so stupid but I'll stand here and smile if that makes you happy (and shut up) kind of friend." Thanks buddy. And you were right. It is a dumb picture. ;) PS-It was taken at Broadway at the Beach if you'd also like your pic taken in front of...what was this again?

Sunday, May 10

That Kind of Mom

I have the kind of mom that....

* will make 100+ fruit kabobs AND stick them into pineapples for me (They turned out fabulous by the way...see picture above)

* is very practical but still believes a chocolate Dr. Pepper can cure almost anything.

*always keeps the laundry baskets empty.

*will travel 1000 miles in any season to spend time with us.

*always makes sure there is plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, and detergent in the house. Always.

*has taken Brad in as her own. No mother-in-law/son-in-law issues there.

*will give advice but doesn't have to.

*is techno savvy- now even with an Ipod!

*takes care of my dad and always makes sure he has new clean pants to work in the yard. ;)

* is smart.

* loves to laugh.

* didn't even complain about making the 100+ fruit kabobs and sticking them in the pineapples.

* loves me to the sky and back just like I love her.

Happy Mothers Day Mother! We are missing you already...but the beach trip will be here very soon. Go get a new swimsuit!

Sunday, May 3

I apologize for the lack of blogging lately. It doesn't appear it is going to get better anytime soon. The sun is out. Projects are in full swing. The kids are running around crazy and I'm fixing to go wrap some shrimp. (Brad's famous bacon wrapped shrimp will be ready in about 2 hours if you are in the area, come on over. :)

So....until I return, here is a little Margaritaville music to get you ready for summer. Enjoy the sunshine.