Sunday, June 22

Aaron Scott-Mullins

This and That

Today is my sweet Aaron's birthday and a video montage will be coming soon. I'm having a little trouble getting pictures of him from ages 6-9 because they are all on our computer- the sick computer. Note to self: you really should back up those files on a disk like the experts say.

The pile of "stuff" pictured above is the beginnings of beach packing. We made the Sams trip today with the Brownies to buy items for breakfast, lunch, and the ever important snacks. We have the remainder of our grocery list printed out and ready to go- printed from the Lowes Foods site so it is organized by aisle. Yes, we are THAT put together. This is what happens when you combine one shouldhavebeen travel agent (me) with one wemusthaveaplan vacationer (Joe). If it can be planned- it has been. This is the most organized trip this side of DisneyWorld. However, we are also leaving things open for some last minute decisions- as clearly stated on the bottom of our itinerary- "plans subject to change based on weather or female whims."

Friday, June 20

Take it to Heart

Below are the lyrics for the song playing on the blog. This one speaks to what I keep telling in the moment. Stop waiting for this to happen or that to happen. See the miracle of the moment. This moment. Please continue praying for the Chapman family.

Steven Curtis Chapman - Miracle Of The Moment
From the album This Moment

It’s time for letting go
All of our if only’s
‘Cause we don’t have a time machine
And even if we did
Would we really want to use it?
Would we really want to go change everything?
‘Cause we are who and where and what we are for now
And this is the only moment we can do anything about

So breathe it in and breathe it out
Listen to your heartbeat
There’s a wonder in the here and now
It’s right there in front of you
And I don’t want you to miss
The miracle of the moment

There’s only one who knows
What’s really out there waiting
In all the moments yet to be
And all we need to know
Is He’s out there waiting
To Him the future’s history
And He has given us a treasure called right now
And this is the only moment we can do anything about
And if it brings you tears

Then taste them as they fall
And let them soften your heart
And if it brings you laughter
Then throw your head back
And let it go, let it go
You gotta let it go
Listen to your heartbeat

Little Bit of Tourism

I have a hard time getting my parents to do much touristy stuff when they visit but this last trip we did ride the light rail to uptown for brunch at Pikes followed by a trip to Imaginon. Here are a few pics of the fun.

Thursday, June 19

THIS is a storm

Here is incredible news coverage from the tornado that hit Manhattan, KS. From the 3 minute mark, it gets quite intense. Then you can read about my niece's encounter with the tornado from the link below. You can scroll down to the bottom of the bglog to turn the music off before you start the video if you want.

Take a look at Jana's tornado encounter. In true family fashion she stayed cool and calm. We don't get too shook about weather situations...except for my mom that is. Anyway, Jana even tried to lie a little to the girls to keep them calm. That is a mark of a good teacher! ;) In true tornado fashion, it skipped around on campus hitting and missing- thankfully missing the dorm they were in. But Jana...could you hear it?

Tuesday, June 17

The Feel of Summer

I love the feel of summer.
I love the smell of sunscreen before swimming and Ocean Potion moisturizer after swimming.
I love sweet tea on the front porch -aren't the new rockers fabulous?!
I love staying up way late.
I love the entrance to our neighborhood when the trees are full- creating a canopy over the road.
I love to see kids and old men fishing in the ponds.
I love to never have to set the alarm clock.
I love writing out a packing list for the beach trip.
I love the kids asking what day of the week it is and I love that I have to really think about it before I can answer them.
I love it being daylight even at 8:30 at night.
I love the feel of summer.

Monday, June 16

Meeting Patti

I met a wonderful new friend today. Her name is Patti. Patti is my new personal shopper at Lowes Foods. I had heard about the Lowes Foods To Go program before I had no idea how wonderful it truly is. Here is how it works-

Late last night -while watching a movie with the family- I ordered my groceries online at Lowes I picked out everything from the exact number of bananas I wanted to the brand of toilet paper. This morning while I was most likely still in my jammies, Patti my personal shopper started filling the cart with groceries. My groceries. There were a couple items that she didn't have the brand/size I specified so Patti (my personal shopper) called me to make sure a substitution was alright. Sure Patti. Substitute. Shop on. I was still in my jammies.

At my predetermined time of choice (somewhere between 11:30-12:00 this morning) I drove up to Lowes Foods and pushed the little button (think Sonic style). Patti (my personal shopper) told me to pull around and she would load my groceries. I did. She did. Apparently, they held my cold items in their cooler in plastic bags. Everything else was in paper bags. I love paper bags. They fit so nicely in the back of the Durango. Patti (my personal shopper) had everything perfectly packed. (and no, I did not purchase any pickled peppers today). Within 5 minutes I was back on the road again and even Aaron was impressed with the ease of the process. "Wow Mom, we didn't even have to get out of the car!" That's right son. Patti takes care of everything for the low low price of $5.95...which is considerably less than I would have spent on impulse buys had I actually walked the store.

Honestly, I can't wait to send Patti (my personal shopper) shopping next week.

Thursday, June 12


I was recently tagged by Jessica. This one is a little bit harder to fill out than the normal tag thing but Jess is a mommy to be so I am going to do my best here just for her and baby Harper. (is that the winning name??)

1) Summer vacation!
2) Watching my kids play on the beach.
3) Having "snuggle and watch a movie night" with Brad & the kids.
4) Finding the cutest flip flops ever- that no one else has yet.

1) Heights
2) Scary movies

1) I can not visualize anything. I have to physically see it to be able to picture it.
2) I have to really watch it or I will get sucked into TNTs Primetime in the Daytime schedule this summer!
3) I am a list maker and a calendar keeper. (& that isn't a picture of my calendar up it off
4) I can be a bit picky about just a few little things. ;)

Tuesday, June 3

Happily Ever After Continues

Happy Anniversary to us.
13 years
5 vehicles
4 addresses
3 kids
2 states
1 million laughs
Still enjoying the ride
Love you for real and forever