Monday, August 30

Legal Again

For those of you that were concerned...and I know there were many....I'm no longer driving with an expired license. I know the little angry man at the Kansas City airport would be happy. 

I spent my 40 minutes of wait time studying for the signs test. I seriously studied.  But just so you know- that test is a rip off.  Do you know what this sign is?
Me either! The lady tried to tell me it was the railroad crossing sign. What the heck? I told her that in the real world the railroad sign has a big X across it.  She said "well this is a shape recogniton test." Lady- I teach kindergarten. I know my shapes! Fortunately missing one won't fail a person.

More good news- I don't have to worry about renewing again until 2018.

Wednesday, August 25

Little Paws Apparel

I found this talented lady on Ebay and wanted to share! Here is the link for Little Paws Apparel. That is her blog.  Here is her ebay store.  Soooo many cute things for those of us with little furries around. (big furries too!) You know I will be posting pictures of Lucy in her zebra harness with matching bow as soon as they arrive!

Ok. Ok. Ok. I'll Go Back.

and for this reason....we must return.  Happy Back to School.

Sunday, August 22

Holy Tea Cups

Now they are saying the Teacups will also be down for refurbishment during our trip.  First Its a Small World, then One Man's Dream, and now Mad Tea Party. I think I deserve a partial refund.

Monday, August 16


Nester featured this blogger last week and she has quickly become one of my favorite reads. This made me laugh out loud.  Truly. Like shaking the bed because I was trying to hold it in because it was late at night and Brad was sleeping next to me kind of laugh out loud.

Friday, August 13

What? More puppy talk?!

I know. I should get a grip and post about something else but I'm up to my eyeballs in puppy training.  (if you aren't in to puppies or puppy training you can stop reading now)  I wish I had blogged about Spicy's progress as a pup so I would have a reference for Lucy. 

We've learned alot about Lucy. She plays hard and then when she is tired she will climb into her bed and sleep hard.  She likes to bury her head to block out light when she naps. She prefers to sneak a piece of Spicy's kibble than eat her own. She has adjusted very well to sleeping in the crate at night. She sleeps all night amazingly. Unfortunately I wake up multiple times to check on her. She is learning her name and comes pretty well too.  When I read over that, it sounds easy. Let me tell you- it isn't.  Puppies are sooooooo rewarding but they are also sooooooo much work.  The kids "take shifts" to watch her and Aaron has especially taken an active role in "raising her."

Spicy is doing quite a bit better with her.  They aren't friends yet but he is learning that she isn't going to hurt him.  They both had check ups yesterday. Spicy weighed 11.3 and Lucy is still 2.8 lbs. Spicy had to get a couple shots AND have his microchip inserted. He was a real trooper.  Brad told him how proud he was of him many times. Many times. It was cute.

Like a have to get things done while the puppy sleeps. So...I'm going to get some homework done. Yuck. Good news though- I will be inbetween classes during the Disney trip. (thank goodness!) and I will be totally finished in December. I can't even tell you how glad I will be to be finished. Again, sooooo rewarding but sooooo much work.

Tuesday, August 10

Just a few more pics...

Oh, she is a sassy girl.
She really wants to play with Spicy but...
Spicy in his "safe place" on the couch....feeling a bit pouty.

Monday, August 9


Lucy McBee Horner
Born May 25, 2010
Currently 11 weeks and 2lb 8 oz.

When Maci and I finally talked Brad into a *little* girl, we went on the search for another fabulous breeder. We found one!!! Miss Melissa and Mr. John from Mustardseed Meadows have been in breeding for 20 years.  We knew right away that this was a fit. We brought Lucy (and all the goodies Melissa sent with her!) home tonight. 

From doing the research, we knew to introduce her to Spicy on neutral territory.  We arranged a meeting at the gazebo behind the house.  Lucy was ready to play right away.  Spicy was not so sure.  He is afraid of this tiny little girl.  We're easing into it slowly and I believe they will be best friends- eventually.  And as long as Spicy does everything Lucy wants.  Brad has now declared that Spicy is "his" dog. Like we didn't already know that.

I can't wait to get pictures of them together....can you imagine....teacup with teapot!

Pop Quiz

Can you speak low country?  Aaron and I were doing some research on how to pronounce "McBee," (a small little town in South Carolina known for its peaches and speed traps.) Not only had we been pronoucing it incorrectly all this time but we've been pronouncing many of these names like a big ol yankee outsider.  I'm shocked that the southern police (the same ones that come get you if you don't have your wreaths hung in all the windows by the first weekend in December) haven't stopped by with a large pitcher of sweet tea and a long lesson in low country.  Quiz yourself.

McBee            =    MAC bee
Belin               =    BLANE (I so would have said bell in)
Cheddar         =    SHED ur (Andy would've gotten that one right.)
Clinton           =    Clin on (do they not see that t?)
Huger             =     HU gee (again, see that r?)
Lancaster      =     lank uh ster
Legare           =     le GREE
Newry           =     NEAR ree
Tammassee   =    tuh MAH see   

I guess this explains Wingate (wing it) Pineville (pine vul) too.  Oklahoma has some crazy town names(Tahlequah, Oologah, Muskogee) but at least we utlize phonics.

Friday, August 6

Testing Sucks But...

we still rocked it! Scores are in. Love it or hate it scores in North Carolina are of HUGE importance. Being a new school this year we didn't have a baseline so I had no idea what to expect.  We had great results.  87.3% was our rocking number.  That places us as a school of distinction and is less than 3% away from the highest honor- school of excellence.  2010-2011 is our year. Way to go Patriots!

Thursday, August 5

Help Wanted

I've gone back and forth on whether or not to blog on this.  The Bible says not to boast about should be a private thing.  However, when a church is doing a fast together part of that silence is lifted. And believe me, this isn't boasting...this is begging for help! In this particular case, our church is getting prepared to start the Daniel Fast.  Brad and I are participating and I want you to help keep me accountable in this.  I am quite the carnivore. I drink coffe- with milk- every morning. Every. Single. Morning.  This is going to be a struggle.  The basics of the Daniel fast are to have a diet of fruit and vegetables.  We will omit meat, dairy, sugar, and heavily processed foods.  I say heavily processed because Brad and I have decided we will eat whole grain bread and some canned vegetables. Does that make us less holy? I actually don't think so. 

I'm going to be really honest here (when am I ever NOT really honest on here?) but I've never fully understood how a fast is helpful in seeking God because I would think one would be soooo totally focused on food that nothing else would consume their thoughts.  I am trusting to come out of this experience with new beliefs and knowledge in this area.

So, if you happen to be a blog reader that prays for us, please pray heavily from August 8th-August 21st. We start at 6pm on the will see me with coffee at church Sunday morning.  Please don't think I have already fallen off the wagon by 10am!

If you have participated in the Daniel fast and have encouragement (AND RECIPES) to share...please send them our way.

No Mother, the kids aren't participating. They will still get all the milk and meat they need.  They might see a few new vegetables around here though.

Monday, August 2

Creatures of Habit

Thanksgiving 07 above and Summer 08 below

Summer 2010 above and Summer 2008 below
Is it just me or has Maci changed the most?