Wednesday, May 30

Attitude Check

I'm handing out awards today...well just one award. It is the "good attitude award." This award goes to an incredible lady that continues to display an amazingly beautiful attitude about some rather crappy circumstances. Some people cry. Many yell. Even more pity themselves. Few behave with grace and style. This award goes to one such lady. I salute you Erin Hummel. You smiled and laughed when you could have cried and cussed! You kept your cool and CHOOSE to focus on the positives. You rock!
We are just extending the party here. We're still gonna do a KFC picnic, we're still gonna paint, we're still gonna celebrate, and one day we're still gonna flip that house. You know what that means..."winner winner chicken dinner!"
Here's to you Mrs. Hummel. You are one of the strongest women I know. Keep on keeping on hippy chick.

Love ya!

Tuesday, May 29

Random Thoughts Again

I am going to post more. Really. It's not just in the to do list- it's near the top. But for today, just a few random thoughts...

*Spicy's hair is growing back. It's looking better- crazy dog can jump over the gate purchased to keep him downstairs though. Great investment.

*The pool opening this weekend was exciting. I actually KNEW people there this year! Love that!!! I'm looking forward to a summer of sunning and chatting.

*School is so over. Yes we have 8 days left...but it is so over.

*I don't think Friends reruns get old. Ever.

*I could wear flip flops 365 days a year- and I would never get tired of them...I just LOVE this seasons cutesy sparkle ones I got. I wish they came in red...

*Man, do we ever need some rain here. Does anyone know that Indian Rain Dance? I'd ask around but I know people would just roll their eyes and think it was just some "Oklahoma thing."

*Chinese food just got here. Random thoughts-OVER. yum!

Friday, May 18

It's done

It is done. It was good. I am tired. The icing was baby pink...but it didn't matter. The kids were so proud of themselves. So am I.

Thursday, May 17

Some call it leadership. Some call it bossy. Some call it an anal control freak! Whatever you call it, I think I have it. For example, tomorrow is our authors tea. I have everything purchased in true matchy anal fashion down to the coordinating Skittles and silver wrapped Kisses. I gave a detailed description as to what colors I want on the cake. Yet, I'd really just love to be there as she is mixing the colors....I just *need* to make sure it is the right shade of pink. I don't want baby pink. I don't want hot pink. I want the perfect shade of a bright summer pink. I have it pictured in my brain. Yet sometimes I question how well I communicate my minds picture...I say this as I look at my dog. I knew exactly how I wanted him cut. I thought I explained it to a tee. I came back to find my Yorkie had been replaced with some schnauzer/scottie dog looking thing. Everyone says it's just hair- it'll grow back. That's true. That's why I *must* be anal because it is bugging the crap out of me! Same thing about this icing....what if it is too light...too bright...too red. It's only icing. It'll just be eaten. I've got to learn to let these little things go....then again maybe not. Maybe the little things are the differences between good and SPECTACULAR. I want this tea to be SPECTACULAR! I'll check on the icing first thing in the morning...

Saturday, May 12

Brad's Backyard Grill

There are a lot of good restaurants in Charlotte. But none as good as Brads Backyard Grill. It's my favorite place to eat. Last nights special was filet mignon with Montreal seasoning. Bacon wrapped shrimp is rumored to be the special for tomorrow evening. YUM~ Another fantastic thing about Brads Backyard Grill is the atmosphere. It's definately family friendly- complete with one cutesy puppy. Patio seating is available with a beautiful view of Carolina green. If you're ever in the area, be sure to give it a try. Reservations recomended.

Tuesday, May 8

Go hug a teacher...

This is teacher appreciation week. One of my moms brought in a basket of goodies this afternoon and apologized that she didn't get it to me yesterday. (Her son just had his tonsils taken out!) She also said there were more treats to come... It is the little things like this that can really brighten the day. I mean, of course there are times we feel we are really making a difference with the kids and that is a nice inner feeling but the appreciation that comes from someone recognizing what we do and it's importance- and difficulty- that is not only really nice but rare. Everyone knows teachers aren't in it for the money or the glory or even for the summers. Even with summers off, the pay sucks. Do the math. It sucks. (and it's my blog so I can say 'sucks' if I want to Mother!) Every year we are expected to teach a little more, spend a little more, learn a little more... not so we can get a big promotion...not so we can earn a bonus...just because someone in the legislature decides it or some testing company adds it or some principal requires it. All jobs have their plus and deltas. Our deltas include snot on our shirts, germs on our lunch, and paint on our new pants. The pluses include the admiration of 20+ five year olds (per year), a place in baby books all across town, a piece of someones childhood that will never be forgotten, and the opportunity to be "the one" for a little kid that doesn't have anyone else in their life to be "the one." All in's a good gig. Go appreciate a teacher!!!

Monday, May 7

Andy Bear

We just came in from a walk. Andy had to wear his helmet because Aaron was riding a bike and had his helmet on. When we got home he went straight to his swingset to play- still wearing the helmet. Soon he came running in telling me, "Mom, I have good news and I have bad news." Where does he get this stuff? He's THREE! The good news was he found a big screw in the dirt. The bad news was something about his shoe... He is just so funny.

Sunday, May 6

Baskets are best

I wish Blogger would let me post a picture at the top of my post and then another one later on IN the post. But since it won't (and if this is possible, PLEASE somebody rescue me here) Anyway, this is the organization post continued. I got the "shoe basket" idea from Barb in Oklahoma. It has become a staple around here. PreSpicy, we had a basket at the front door, back door, each bedroom, and on the stairs. Now with Spicy, we can't keep any shoes downstairs so this basket is tucked safely behind the gate at the bottom of the stairs. The genius about this is that it is just so simple. Toss your shoes in the basket and it looks nice and tidy- in a shabby chic sort of way. Every now and then the basket overflows so you simply get mad and dump the contents on the floor while yelling for everyone to come collect their shoes and take them back to their respective bedrooms. It's that simple. PS--The getting mad part is optional.

Getting Organized

Last Saturday was spent at the beach, this Saturday was spent in the closets! It's about 160 days late but I finally got the little closet organizers for the kids. Maci has hers labeled for each day of the week and we've picked out her outfits and have them ready to go inside each little cubby hole. This should save a great deal of time in the mornings! We also bundled up bags full of clothes we haven't worn in the last year for the Salvation Army and the kids also had a couple bags of hand me downs for some friends. Organization feels good! Now, I need to tackle the tupperware cabinet AND Brad's "office" which is also known as "the area under the stairs." The beach was much more fun...

Thursday, May 3

Stupid Questions

Spicy! Did you make this mess?? What is it with dogs and toilet paper? We can't keep it on the roll. It literally MUST stay on the counter in the bathroom or THIS happens. He carries it off to one of his little beds and has a hay day shredding and rolling in it. Is this a puppy thing or a dog thing? Will we ever be able to keep toilet paper on the holder thingy again? Does anyone know the phone number for the Dog Whisperer?

Bueno es Bueno

I can't express our excitement over the Taco Bueno opening here. It's actually about 15 minutes away in Monroe but is well worth the drive. I hope the Charlotteans catch on to Bueno life. It is typically fairly empty in there- granted the service is less than bueno but you only have to deal with that 3 minutes tops then it's on to the salsa bar and then your choice of booths where you await the arrival of your food. I would swear you actually had to carry it to the table yourself in Oklahoma but here they think they are supposed to bring it to you! I love that you can get as many jalepenos as you want...we usually get 3 little cups full. YUM. The only thing better than Bueno is Zantac about an hour after Bueno! So for all my fellow Charlotteans reading this blog, do a girl and favor and support Bueno. I have done my best to get QT to open here and the Braums people gave me some excuse about it being too far away from their cows...whatever. But Bueno is listening! Actually, I never attempted to contact Bueno- but now that they are here....maybe I can get the Bueno people to call the QT people...

Tuesday, May 1

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

As Erin and I got into a deep discussion concerning the do's and don'ts of blogging this evening, she let me know that an occassional recipe is long as I don't turn it into a weekly habit. So, here is my random recipe which we will call Mini Me Meatloaf.

Use your favorite meatloaf mixins. I prefer the old fashioned ground beef, ketchup, egg, saltine crackers, worcestersire, garlic powder, and pepper mixture. "Paint" a muffin pan with olive oil and roll up meatballs from the mixture to place in each muffin spot. Sometimes I hide a pineapple piece inside each little mini loaf. Pop them in the oven on 350 for about 20 minutes...sometimes 15 will do- don't overcook because they do dry out quickly. Coat the tops with a mixture of brown sugar and ketchup. We call this "the secret sauce" (even though it really is no secret) They are the perfect portion size and look cutesy too! I'd like to share my chicken fried steak recipe since it is a southern tradition but...that may put me over my recipe allowance for the week! Maybe next time.... ;)