Thursday, February 26

You Must Pick-a-Lily

If only Maci were still young enough for ruffles and frills... My friend Cherise designs and makes the most adorable, most whimsical, most fabulous clothing line I have ever seen. You simply must check out her site. She takes custom orders as well so I'm sure she'd whip up the perfect outfit especially designed for those tiny ones out there...Harper...Savanna...tell your mommies to pick you up something fabulous!

Tuesday, February 24

That Subject We Aren't Allowed to Mention

While I'm reflecting on moving...let me pass out some wisdom too. (Yeah, I know...this won't take long.) We have a dear dear friend that will be moving soon. We aren't allowed to discuss it because the tears start flowing. In fact, they flow just thinking about it. I've been on the "leaving end" and now I'm on the "being left end." This end is much worse. Here is a top 10 list for you...10 things I've learned from moving halfway across the country.

1. Brad said the first six months would suck. But they didn't. They won't for you either.
2. However, at some point it will stop feeling like a vacation and more like the permanent decision that you made. If fear grips you from that revelation, you just push it out by doing something fabulous that is unique to your new area. (for you that might be as simple as snuggling with your husband)

3. When you don't feel like going out and meeting people, go anyway. You never know where or how you will meet your new best friend.

4. Anticipate everything with excitement...trying a new grocery store...exploring a new road...treat it all as the adventure it is.

5. Call your momma everyday if you need to. I called mine everyday for that first year.

6. Yes it is possible to be at home and still call somewhere else home too.

7. But be prepared. If you stay gone long enough, that original home just won't quite feel like home anymore. That's ok. Actually, that's probably good.

8. Your friends here in NC miss you more than you know but we are also happier for you than you could ever imagine.

9. People will tell you that they'll visit and some of them actually will. (like us!)

10. You'll find more strength in yourself than you ever believed possible.

Saturday, February 21

Home Sweet Home

Three years ago last Friday we became official North Carolina residents. We spent the first weeks painting, unpacking boxes, and planting ourselves in our new life. We were giddy with excitement and worried out of our head. There were more unknowns than I care to remember. We learned more about eachother and ourselves than we could have learned in a lifetime had we stayed in our own back yard. Three years ago. Wow.

Of course it's been hard being so far away from family at times. I've felt the sting of being needed and being too far away to do any good. But somewhere along the way this became home. Home. That's what it is. When did that happen? Was it in year 1? Year 3? Somehow an adventure turned into the norm. Stress turned into comfort. Lonliness into abundance. It's good to be home.

Monday, February 9

Sneak Peek

The Valentines Day dinner/dance is just around the corner....
The Valentines Day dinner/dance is just around the corner....

Wednesday, February 4

Oh....that boy of mine...

On this "Southern Snow Day" the boys and I sat down for a game of Chutes and Ladders. Andy was getting out all the people and hollers, "I call this guy" referring to the little blue eyed blonde boy. Then he picks up the little black boy (pictured on the slide) and says, "Here Aaron. You can be Barack Obama."