Saturday, September 9

Never forget

As September 11th rolls around again, please take the time to watch the specials on tv. Watch those hard to watch scences. Remember what it felt like that day. Remember the vulnerability we felt. Pray for the families. Proudly display your patriotism. Instill it into your children that we love our country and freedom was not and is not free. Never forget.

Tuesday, September 5

That time of year

It's that time of year time. A new crop comes in. Makes me miss the old one. But I know in time this crew will squirm their ways into my heart too...deeper than I ever thought they could. They always seem so young at the beginning of the year- babies really. Parenting styles SHINE through on these first few weeks too. It's easy to spot what moms smother and what moms are totally detached. There must be a happy medium but you don't see that very often. My head's that time of year...