Saturday, February 13

Charlotte- We Have Snow

It started yesterday afternoon with these decent sized flakes. Lots and lots of them. Lots. In a couple hours the flakes had been supersized and just kept on falling down. You could hear the excitement of all the neighborhood kids. Anticipation was building...
Here is the view out of the game room (sunroom) window. See? Pretty decent amount of snow! Certainly the most we have ever seen here. I don't know how long it will last but for now it is pretty. Great Saturday "snuggle down type of weather". Not so great- "Andy's birthday party will most likely be a bust weather". I'm trying to prepare Andy for a slim maybe just the two boys from next door. People here don't drive in snow. They just don't. Unless they are driving to Harris Teeter for an abundance of bread and milk. That is common. Bless their hearts.
More good news, we found a great deal on a game table on Craigslist yesterday so the game room actually has a game table! And Andy has a distraction from his party issues. Oh, and let the record show that I beat Brad AND Aaron in foosball last night. Twice.

That picnic table snow looks perfect for some snow icecream...hmmm....where is that recipe....I'll have to google it.

Wednesday, February 10


Just a few snipets are Grandmama's canisters. They have found their place in the kitchen. Finally, enough room to display ALL of them without feeling I have taken up too much room.
My new favorite piece of furniture. I love love LOVE this chair. It is a gorgeous chair and a half that perfectly matches the drapes in the front room AND was a bargain find as well. What could be more perfect?
My favorite rug on CLEARANCE from Pier 1. I so love Pier 1 but I so refuse to pay their prices. Thank goodness this beauty was 50% off.
Nieghbor kids are here....we are really loving the doorbell ringing all the time. I also really love that they already knew to leave shoes at the door.
If only they knew the shoes are supposed to go here! It'll'll come...
and more pictures will come snipet at a time.

Tuesday, February 9

In Case You're Wonderin'

We are still around....we are pretty well settled in but still not caught up on rest. We have a new phone number, email if you would like it. (new address too obviously) I'll post some more pics as I get around to it...don't hold your breath. ;)