Friday, February 29

Been Tagged

Anna May "tagged me" So I am supposed to now write a blog of 10 weird/random facts/habits/goals about myself- at the end choosing 10 more people to tag. Here we go.

1. I don't carry a purse. I traded in a purse for a diaper bag 10 years ago. By the time I stopped needing the diaper bag I had figured out how to carry all I need in a little keychain thingy...and in the console of my vehicle.

2. Speaking of that is a pit inside. Jackets, random papers, brushes, lipsticks, CDs, toys, etc. etc. are in there. Brad gets very frustrated with me about it.

3. I don't know how I stand the car being a mess because in the house I need everything to have its own spot. Baskets organize everything here from toys to shoes to plastic forks to papers. Everything has a basket.

4. I am the worst about watering my plants. More than 254 (ballpark figure) plants have met their demise around here because I just don't water worth a flip.

5. I still don't know I know what I want to be when I grow up.

6. I do not have the patience for voicemails. I'd much rather just see your missed call than have to dial it up and listen to a voicemail. Let me just call you back to see what you wanted. I'm probably going to be calling you back anyway. Why not eliminate the extra step?

7. Having said that, I do have an ongoing 'voicemail thing' with a friend. I am not sure how it started (due to random fact #10) but we leave looooonnngg rambling voicemails for eachother every day. I do enjoy listening to those. Maybe because they are often funny. Maybe because I expect them. I've also learned that leaving those voice mails is much like therapy. I can often vent on the voicemail and not have to talk about that particular subject again.

8. I worry more about what other people think than I should. I also worry about it more than you think I do. My "whatthecrapever" attitude is something I have to work at. You know what I mean....

9. There are many days I still miss Church on the Move so much I ache. The podcasts are good but not as good as hearing Pastor in person. I miss the entire atmosphere.

10. For the most part, my memory sucks. Sucks with a capital "S." Ihave to write down everything I need to remember. Reruns don't bother me because I have no idea how they ended. I rely on people with good memories. This is precisely why Kendra and I are in major trouble when we get together. She is the only person I know that has a memory as bad as mine!

11. I'd much rather do something if I am not required to. I like to go the extra mile. I like to overachieve. But if you are forcing me to...I will buck the system.

12. This little bit of rebellion is exactly why I have to post 12 facts instead of 10 and not tag anyone. ;)

Wednesday, February 27


Last Saturday we took the kids to see Spiderwick. Maci and I were sharing a pop. After taking a few sips Maci leaned over and asked, "what kind of soda is this?"

I'm not certain if I am more disturbed by the discovery she doesn't recognize the taste of our family favorite Dr. Pepper or the fact that she called it "SODA!"

Sunday, February 24

Decisions. Decisions.

Thanks to a birthday party and a very generous offer from Erin, we are childless this afternoon. So many ideas...get some cleaning done? Nah. Take a nap? Nah. Catch a movie? Possibly. Go out to dinner? Possibly. Just having the options is soooo nice. Brad and I are good about watching the kids for eachother so that we can do things with our friends but we aren't so good about getting a sitter to have time for ourselves as a couple. Yes, I know how important that is. Totally agree. However, logistics can be difficult. So...that makes this surprise even better. Friends like Erin that jump in unexpectedly and give you things like time- those are the best friends. I'm blessed. THANK YOU Erin! Now if only Brad would get home from tear down at Elevation!!! ;)

Friday, February 22

How She Rolls

I interupt this previously recorded blog to give Ashley a slight pep talk to carry with her all the way to Connecticut.

You've worked like a dog. You've studied like a college kid. You've learned like the knowledge hungry girl you are. You're ready. You will go into that presentation and take over because you are ready to rock. The test? Not a problem. Consider it aced.

And when it is over and you come home we will celebrate with a big night out on the town with our men....or maybe with a big night in playing cards and eating junk food. Doesn't matter. We will laugh, get a little crazy, and get a little loud because that's how we roll. (like the song?!)

What Have I Done??

A few days ago I thought I was going to be techno savy and get my email to work on both my computer and Brad's laptop. Apparently I am not so savy after all. I'm currently having email issues. Issues that my darling husband will have to sort out for me. (He truly IS techno savy!) Anyway, if I am not replying to your email...try again or go the old fashioned way and just call me. Because at this point, I don't know what I am getting or not getting or where what I am getting is going!

Thursday, February 21

Here we are- 2 year anniversary on the "big move to NC." I still have that sense that we just got here and that we've been here forever at the same time. I don't know how that works but it is very similar to how I felt the last time I went back to OK. I felt home yet so far away from home all at the same time. Looking back over the last 2 years here are a few memories that stand out-

*Closing on the house on a Monday morning. Working at the house all day and almost all night to get the painting done before the movers came Tuesday morning. All five of us slept on the floor in the boys bedroom- the excitement was so strong we didn't even notice the absence of beds!

*Getting lost coming home from Concord Mills and ending up in Uptown at 5:00 traffic. We'd only lived here a month, Connie was with me, and being in Uptown was as foreign as being in another country. Due to my nerves, my IBS set in...not good. (I never said these were all cheery memories!)

*Watching the weather and seeing the COAST LINE on the map! Seems surreal. (we only watched the weather for a few weeks until we figured out there is no need)

*Our first day trip to the beach. I think it was late March- the water was still freezing but we were giddy and didn't even care.

*Crying on multiple Sunday afternoons because we'd been to yet another church that was "not it" and missing COTM so much I couldn't breathe.

*That first Sunday at Elevation where we knew we were home. Finally.

*Meeting our NC family in that small group at the Lookers. We had no idea how impactful that group would be on our lives here.

*The feeling of certainty that we had and still have about this move. There have been many uncertainties but moving here was never one of them. And anyone that has spent any time with us has heard us say that we firmly believe there is a greater reason we are here- a reason we still haven't seen unfold.

*Moments too numerous to name that we've spent with friends thinking how fortunate we are to have them in our lives. Friendships are deeper when you are far from family. Friends become family. Let me tell you we have an AWESOME family here!

It's good to be home.

Wednesday, February 20

Poor Paula

What is going on with Paula Abdul? She was clearly *impaired* last night on Idol. She claims she isn't taking anything...then she better be checking the pockets of her staff because she is getting drugged somehow. Maybe Simon is adding a little something to her Coke. Nah, he actually seems quite annoyed with her most of the time. She was struggling. The lowest point was after little Dannyboy sang and Paula commented (or at least tried to) on the way she loves how his voice "goes in and out of colors?" Huh? Is she trying to tell us he is gay??? We all know that Paula. No need to highlight the obvious. Thank goodness the powers that be had some pity and cut her off quickly the rest of the night with the theme music. I know. I know. I usually have a little more patience for people. (or maybe not) but Paula is on my last nerve. Seriously Paula....get some help. Bless your heart.

Tuesday, February 19

Good News People! *Updated*

I just saw that Matt White will be in Charlotte next month! This is exciting news because I have been enjoying the songs from that cute little guy for awhile now. I found him by accident while creating a slide show and have become quite attached. I've downloaded 3 of his songs from I tunes but now I'm thinking I will need to add some more very soon. I put "Best Days" on my cell as Brad's ring. Choosing a ring for people is serious business. I'm a little thrifty (cheap) so I only bought 3 and had to really struggle through what would be my default ring. I would tell you what it is but some of you would make fun of me! (No- it is not New Kids on the Block!) Anyway, looks like since Matt is still a little on the unknown side his tickets are CHEAP! ($10!) Sounds like a good date night to me. Hope Brad feels the same...
*Update-Five Times August will also be at the concert...having no idea who that was, I did a little searching...GOOD STUFF! Stacie, you will like this guy too!!! There is something about these "unknowns" that I just like. The other one I have my eye (and ear) on is Jonathan Clay. Mix those three men on your Ipod and you have hours of goooood laying in the sun music. Gosh, when will summer get here?

Monday, February 18

Rockin Theme Park

I guess I better brush up on my music trivia- Hard Rock Park opens in Myrtle Beach this spring. There is quite a bit of good info and pics here. This was a surprise to me...apparently I should watch a little more news or something. These are usually the kind of projects you know about years in advance. Waiting. Hoping. Wondering. I assume many of you have known about this for years. Not sure how I missed it but it was an exciting discovery today! Combine this news with the fact that no one threw up tonight (so far) and it only took 40 minutes to convince the boys to take their yucky flu medicine. Today was a pretty decent improvement!

Trying to Cheer Myself

I meant to post this pic at the beginning of the year. It was on the Sunset Beach website. I love it for many reasons. Beach pics are always great. Daydreaming about the beach is especially nice when the weekend has been crap. Not that this weekend has been crap but...let's be honest. It hasn't been pleasant. Enjoy the picture.

Sunday, February 17

He did good!

Just wanted a share a glimpse of the beautiful arrangement Brad sent for Vday. Those of you that were at our wedding will recognize the lilies...our signature flower. Still love them.

Brad also surprised me with a stereo for the bedroom and rewired the speakers so that one is in the bedroom and one is in my bathroom. He put alot of thought into this knowing how I like to listen to music while I get ready in the mornings. He even burned my Itunes list onto CDs and had them ready to go in the system. Not bad. Not bad. He's also smart to do this as a surprise because he knows I would be too logical and tell him all the reasons such a purchase was not necessity. Well, maybe it wasn't a necessity but I've sure been using the heck out of it!

Thank you B-rad. I love the thought you put into this Vday and I love you.

Saturday, February 16

What Goes Around Comes Around...

What goes around comes around like...
*the flu- which is what we have at our house. (Aaron)
*good friends stepping in- we helped some friends a couple weeks ago when one of them was out of town and now I have good friends helping me
*sweet notes- I used to write cards for Brad so he would have one a day to open while he was on his trips. This time he did that for me.

Tuesday, February 5

Playing Favorites

I get quite attached to my classes each year. I admit that I do have favorites. Any teacher that says they don't is a liar. I also admit that I consider these kids to be "mine" long after they graduate Kindergarten. But rarely do I get to keep in close contact with any of them. Payten Brown is the exception. Because her momma and I are tight, I get to see PayPay regularly. Today I got to read her latest publication entitled, I Played With My Frined Maci. Ok, so she mispelled "friend." Did I mention that she is SIX?! Last year we worked on 3 page stories with a beginning, middle, and end. This story is 9 pages long complete with detail, punctuation, capitalization, and illustrations. These are the things that make a teacher proud!

Payten- You earned a big ol :) with a Mr. Sketch smelly marker. Keep on writing hippy chick.