Wednesday, January 28

So Southern

I never feel I am more in the south than when I am getting my hair cut. Let me start off by saying that I LOVE it. I am not making fun of these girls. I absoluetly love to listen to their conversations. Yesterday I counted 6 times that someone said "bless her" about someone. (This is comparable to "bless your heart" or "love your heart") I also heard the phrase "she looked to be about 70" and everyone there refers to their parents as "momma and daddy." I learned why the Western Sizzler closed in Monroe and about the Wagon Wheel restaurant in Marshville that's been there 40 years. I got a great hair cut too. My little Casey can cut some hair. Out of all the transitions we've made the last 3 years, finding a great hair place was the easiest. If only they served sweet tea...

Monday, January 26

Testing. Testing. 123

Playing around with the blog layout a bit... What started as a simple task has turned into a major overhaul and I'm not convinced I even like it! I like the segmentation of those blocks I used to have. But I couldn't get the header like I wanted it with the blocks and it did cover alot of the background. I'm going to sleep on it for now and see what I think with fresh eyes in the morning...

Tuesday, January 20

Just Basic Tradition

We went with the basic recipe...milk, vanilla, and sugar mixed in with yummy (white) snow. In true Carolina tradition our snow is now melting away. Even the trees are looking bare again. It was nice for the 12 hours it was here.

Tagged for Randomness

I was tagged by Mark on Facebook. It's a snow day so I figure I have time to spend on such randomness. Here is the assignment- "Once you've been tagged, you should write a note with 16 random things (shortcomings, facts, habits or goals) about yourself. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged and tell why you tagged them." Here we go...

1-I actually like random things like this. In fact I think randomness is an efficient way to multitask.

2- I will be sucked into watching this inauguration coverage all day. I even got a little teary when Mrs. Obama gave Mrs. Bush a gift as they arrived at the White House. I have no idea why. I would LOVE to know what they discuss during their coffee.

3- I have 10 pairs of pajama pants. Apparently I collect them much like I collect flip flops.

4- I'm actually enjoying the process of getting my masters. I don't enjoy the extra work but I am enjoying the goal. I think it's going to be one of those things that sucks while you do it but later you are so glad you did.

5- I wish someone I am really close to would have a baby so I can hold it and spoil it and then give it back. Any takers? Annemarie- that means YOU!

6- After 3 years I don't really miss QT iced coffees anymore. I've become a Starbucks junkie instead. Sad day.

7- After 3 years I don't miss Braums milk anymore either. I like Maeola milk from On the Run now.

8- There are times I wish I could just smile, nod, and keep my mouth shut. Wouldn't that make life easier?! Then again, I have gotten way better at that and I don't want to totally lose my voice.

9- My kids are at such a fun age right now. Maci and Aaron can have long indepth conversations with us and Andy is awesome comic relief. They drive us crazy but it's a good time.

10- I wouldn't buy a Carolina Girl t-shirt until I'd lived here over a year and I still feel a bit untruthful when I wear it. It's like I think the Carolina Girl police will come and bless me out for wearing it when I wasn't actually born here. ( you think it's ok for me to wear that shirt?)

11- I like to talk to strangers at times and at other times I get annoyed when strangers talk to me.

12- I'm a teensy bit impressed by this Carolina snow actually looks like snow this year.

13- I've become a much better teacher since moving here. Sometimes the "county things" drive me insane but most of them really do make for better teachers.

14- I soooo wish Brad was home with us on this snowday today. He is in an all day meeting and I miss him so much. The thing I can do to show him how much I miss him is to get all the laundry done today. Yep, coming home to empty laundry baskets is the best way to say "I love you" to him.

15- Whiny kids get on my very last nerve. Right now one of those whiny kids has the last name of Horner!!! Does he honestly think he can play in the snow without a hat?!

16- It has been so long since I've made snow icecream that I am going to have to look up the recipe today...and the you know I will end up changing it!

Saturday, January 10

One Happy Customer

Many of you know about my secret desire to be a hair stylist...I don't want to do it professionally really but I wish I knew how to cut hair and I wish I had people that would let me practice on them. I have attempted to cut everyones hair in this house...most of them griped and complained the whole way through. Finally I have found the right client. Spicy never complains when I cut his hair. He is so laid back. He always sits patiently. He seems to really appreciate my efforts. He doesn't even get impatient with my indecision. This afternoon Spicy got the full treatment of a brush out, bath, blowdry, and then finishing trim. Anyone else like to make an appointment? Call my cell.

Thursday, January 1

The Year Round Tree

I started a little project today- creating this picture tree. I keep the pencil tree up almost year round on the landing. I decorate it for Christmas but have just left it "plain" the rest of the year.

When I took the Christmas down this year I decided to move the pencil tree by the front door. Then I added all the picture frame ornaments I've collected thus far. What do you think?

Actually, I only want to hear from those that think it is fabulous and not at all "too Christmasy" because pine trees work year round in NC and family pictures are always lovely. If you disagree and think I should take it down now, need to air those opinions because my mind is made up! I adore it. Yearround. At least until I get another wild hair...