Wednesday, September 22

Things My Mother Has Taught Me

In no particular order....
#1. Never return a pan empty.
#2. Babies should nap in their beds.
#3. Wear shoes during a thunderstorm.
#4. Rats make nests in messy drawers.
#5. Always run a sink of soapy water when you're cooking.
#6. Always ask yourself "what would Grandmama think..."
#7. You just feel better when the refrigerator is cleaned out.
#8. Downsize leftovers frequently. (must be tied to #7)
#9. Red fingernail polish makes people think you are a floosy (aka- a Jezebel).
#10. Never. Never whisper in public. Never.
#11. Don't call people after 10 pm.
#12. Watch who brings in what food at a covered dish party.
#13. Your jewelry pieces should never add up to more than 10. Each earring counts separately.
#14. Your hose should never be darker than your shoes.
#15. Floss.
#16. Gargling with warm salt water solves a myriad of problems.
#17. Underwear should be white cotton.
#18. Cake in milk is a perfectly acceptable breakfast choice.
#19. Garages are for your cars- not your junk.
#20. Make your bed.

Simply for Grandmamas entertainment---Andy wanted to add the things he has learned-
"I have air coming out my pants!"
"We gotta put clothes on when we get home- you naked people."

Happy birthday Mother!!!

Sunday, September 19

Note to Self

This is your life.
Be purposeful.
With your family.
With your job.
With the dreams that you are living.
With the dreams you're still trying to capture.
With the people you allow to speak into your life.
With your attitude.
With your time.
With your finances.
In everything.
Be purposeful.
This is your life.

Wednesday, September 15

Birthday Wishes

Wow. It kinda feels like birthday season again.  Today is my sister's birthday. I'd calculate her age but she'd probably rather I not. Let's just say she is old older than I am.  She would want me to clarify that the above picture was taken during our girly tea party at the beach last summer.  She wouldn't normally be wearing a green boa...or that hat. 

Happy birthday Connie! Love you bunches...see you soon.

Saturday, September 11

Coffee in Heaven

In the past 3 weeks, my family has lost my aunt Delores on my dad's side and my uncle Jimmy on my mom's side.  Both losses were pretty unexpected- certainly we weren't prepared for them.  As a Christian we know this isn't the end. But as a human it is an awfully difficult time to endure. 

These are the times it really really sucks to be 1000 miles away. I also find it difficult to grasp the reality of the situation when I'm not there. Maybe that's how I protect myself a little bit...

Today I am focusing on the picture that Grandmama has Jimmy's company running in the daisies and I firmly believe they will be continuing the Sunday coffee tradition in the morning. Oh yes.  There is coffee in heaven you know.

Thursday, September 9

Lots of Love

I love this picture. I love that boy and I love that girl. And man oh man does my boy love that girl! Happy birthday my dear Stacie!