Friday, May 27

Work Ahead

I've been told I create work.  I've even been compared to Lucy Ricardo! Like I just sit around and think of things to do? Well. That isn't exactly how it happens...

Last Saturday I came upstairs to take a shower. We'd been to the gym,  Lowes, and then in the yard -- I needed that shower badly (way way badly) but something in Aaron's room caught my eye.  One thing led to another which ended with me cleaning out 2 closets and then deciding the boys needed to swap bedrooms. Right then. That minute- before my much needed shower.  Yes, I do think I may have a touch of ADD and possibly OCD but the combination allows us to get some great things done at the house.

Anyway, we've never liked the color of the blue bedroom. After painting the gameroom (sunroom) it was the only pastel room in the house and Brad and I both detest pastels. Detest. Blech. Baby colors are for babies type detest. But we've lived with the blue for 16 months because a) we don't really like to paint and b) no one was ever in that room. We *called* it Aaron's room but he never actually spent time in there. He hung out in the playroom. He slept in the playroom. The blue room was basically just the drum room attached to the closet where he kept his clothes. (We couldn't let him use the closet in the playroom or else the other kids might figure out that he really had a sweet deal with two bedrooms.)

Andy originally got the big red and blue (bright- not pastel) room because of the really nice super hero fatheads that were already on the walls. It looks great and it was easy. It is also at the far end of the hall so we didn't often notice how crazy messy it can become.  Last Saturday, I noticed.  After spending way too much time trying to find the bottom on Andy's closet, I realized this child had much more space than he needed or could properly care for.

Time to move Grandpa Aaron into that space. Grandpa Aaron will keep it clean AND appreciate the space. Within a couple hours Andy was in the blue room (the pastel one- blech) and Aaron moved to the "men in tights room."  Happy Go Lucky Aaron let us know the men in tights were really cramping his style and he'd like some assistance in the matter.  That meant we'd need to move them to Andy's new room. AKA the blechy blue room. Are you following me here? Moving the men means first biting the bullet and painting  the room.  Goodbye baby blue- hello Bright Red and Some-funkycolor-name Yellow. :) And That is the work ahead. See now. Makes perfect sense. I didn't just *create* work. It just finds me.

I'd post before pictures but I haven't seen my camera since Aaron's drum concert at Stumptown Park... another blog for another I trust you are imagining the before pictures and I'll try to find that camera soon to take the after pictures.

PS- Yes. I did eventually get that shower.