Tuesday, November 27

Saturday, November 24

Thanksgiving in Review

For the speaker impaired viewers, this song is Best Days. :) Love ya Ash! (Ask Santa for new speakers!)

Thursday, November 22

Do Over!

Hey Hummels, We didn't get a picture of all of us at the table...can we have a do over on Thanksgiving Dinner? You bring the same dishes and I will too...we'll just repeat the whole meal. Sound good? Thank you for sharing Thanksgiving with us. Pictures or no pictures we are so thankful to have friends that are close enough to be family. Love you guys!

~Happy Thanksgiving~

From our table to yours-

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 21


I hit the motherload of sales today- 90% off all fall stuff at Hobby Lobby. Yes, 90%. AND because I am a teacher I got an additional 10% off the total sale. I gotta tell you, AnneMarie and I were downright GIDDY as we checked out. Here are a few of my finds....the most expensive item purchased was $4~

Now you do realize I will be stalking the Hobby Lobby people until they put the Christmas stuff on sale, don't you. Oh yeah...stalking like a crazy person.

Quiz Time

I've received the replies back from the quizes I sent out (see post below) and I don't feel quite as badly now. Kendra wasn't sure of my eye color either. :) Out of 5 replies, 2 said I was a rule follower, 2 said I was a rebel, and one (from the girl that's known me 2/3 of my life!) said it depends on the situation. She's definately right about that. Basically- if I agree with the rule, then I am a rule follower. If I think it is a stupid rule, then I am a rebel. Makes perfect sense if you've ever met my dad! Most thought I would need a computer if I were stranded on a desert island and that is also true! Here is the whole quiz for you to pass it on to your buds and see how well they know you.

1. Where did we meet?
2. Take a stab at my middle name:
3. How long have you known me:
4. Do I smoke:
5. What was your first impression of me upon meeting:
6. Color of my eyes:
7. Do I have any siblings:
8. What's one of my favorite things to do:
9. Do you remember one of the first things I said to you:
10. What's my favorite type of music:
11. What is the best feature about me:
12. Am I shy or outgoing:
13. Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: rebel
14. What's your favorite memory of me:
15. Any special talents:
16. How many children do I have:
17. If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be:
18. If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing that I would bring:

Tuesday, November 20

Guilty as Charged

I'm not observant. It's a fact I've known for some time now but today I was reminded once again how UNobservant I am. Twice. The second occassion just happened as I opened my email. I got a little survey deal from my friend Dana. It was just a few questions to see how much I know about her. I did fine on the biggies like how many kids she has, when we met, and what I consider to be her greatest strengths. But little ones like the color of her eyes and her middle name...I have no clue! That's really not good is it? Now I gotta admit it isn't just because I have only known her a few years either.

I've known Kendra for over 20 years and although I do know her middle name (though I'd never ever post it here for fear she'd track me down and cause bodily harm) stating her eye color would be nothing more than an educated guess (brown??) How can that be? Is this kinda like how you lose brain cells after you have kids? Have I lost observation cells? Did I ever have them? Can I gain them?

As I've been typing this, 2 of my surveys came back in and both were quite accurate. Crap. That makes it even worse. So if you notice me looking at you funny or jotting notes down while we visit, you'll know why. I'm just studying for the next pop quiz. ;)

Friday, November 16


After nearly 2 years I finally did something the with window I bought back in Claremore. I got it right before we moved. I mean RIGHT before...with boxes stacked everywhere I came home with this thing. Brad thought I was nuts. I had a vision though. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Finally, almost 2 years later I have it done. Of course it still isn't hung up...gotta go get a wire thing for that. But here is a pic. The center picture is my parents, the surrounding are pictures of their parents. I'm debating on where I will hang it.

Now many of you know about these ceilining tiles I have hung in the dining room...the ones my aunt Johnnie gave me that also came from that little Claremore store. Originally they came from a church in Pryor and are from the late 1800s. (or so they tell me anyway) Well....I painted one of them and I don't like it. So I've just been sitting on them awhile to see if I could come up with a good idea. I didn't. BUT my friend Gay did!!! She suggested taking it to the car wash and using the pressure washer to try to get off some of that new paint. Brilliant!!!
Now I know I will have volunteers lining up round the block, so let me just go ahead and put the offer out there, *who* would like to tackle that adventure with me??? ;)

Still Reading

Rosie Book Update-

I'm halfway through Celebrity Detox. I just haven't felt great the last several days so by the time I go to bed the last thing I want to do is try to get into a book. Maybe I will finish it over Tgiving Break.

So far it has been really funny in parts and other parts make no sense...much like Rosie. I've had people not understanding why I would want to read her book. Let me try to explain- First of all, I am loyal. I am loyal to a fault sometimes. I loved her back in the day when everyone loved her and I refuse to turn my back on her now just because she is no longer viewed as "the queen of nice." I'm not saying I agree with her all the time. I'm not even saying I think she makes sense all the time. I'm just saying I adore her. I wish I could hang out with her and get into her circle and be able to speak into her life. She needs someone to speak into her life...someone that hasn't had to go through this celebrity detox process.

Let me say it this way- For whatever reason I have a real "heart" for her. There. When you say you have a "heart" for something it makes it all better in the church world. So call it a heart, call it a freaky obsession, call it whatever you want. I adore her.

Tuesday, November 13

Just some good clean fun

This is one of those stories that may not be as funny when it is retold but I will try... My friend Ashley has one of those bluetooth deals. You know the things you put in your ear so you can be on your cell phone? I've always make fun of it. I don't know why, I just find it amusing.

Anyway, the other day she and I were on our cell phones talking about nothing as we frequently do. She asked me to hold on a second while she went in to the dry cleaners. Now, this dry cleaners happens to be in our neighborhood and is ran by a very sweet little lady- with limited English. Ashley is one of her regulars.

So Ashley walks in all smiley (she's just like that...all smiley...) and the little dry cleaner lady had no idea she was on the phone becuase she had that thing in her ear. I waited patiently. I had the idea and I really tried to control myself. I tried and tried. I couldn't resist. Just as she started trying to explain to the dry cleaners lady about the alterations she needed, I began talking in her ear. Yes, I know it was silly and possibly a little bit middle school meanish but it was so funny. I talked about how this was like the news people- how they have to keep on talking pretending they don't have voices speaking in their ears. I talked about how I knew she wanted to laugh. I talked about how I was laughing. The more she would struggle to stay focused the more I would chatter. I'm giggling now just thinking about it. The best part is when Ashely was trying to give her phone number to the lady and I chimed in with my own random numbers. I could hear the dry cleaner lady saying, "what? 8? what?" The more I laughed the harder Ashley fought for her concentration. Oh my gosh. It was awesome...a little bit evil...but mostly awesome.

Now don't you worry about ol Ashley. She'll get me back....she's smiley but she's tricky...I know it's coming.

Monday, November 12

Day of Firsts

~First trip to the Columbia zoo.
~First time to see a Koala "in person"
~First time to watch penguins swim- soooo close to us.
~First time to be THIS close to a gorilla- WOW! Truly an amazing creature. I have many more pictures that I'll put in a slide later. We had a really good family day. We even ended it with Brad's favorite restaurant- Cracker Barrel. Well, Maybe it isn't his *favorite* but it is one he loves and rarely gets to go to because it is one of my least favorites. Tonight I not only went but suggested it. That's love. I had the chicken fried steak and it wasn't half bad...I know, I know- when they serve breakfast all day you are supposed to have the breakfast foods...I just never liked eating out for breakfast...especially not at 6 o'clock in the evening.

Saturday, November 10


Spicy Champ will be one year old on the 26th. Can you tell he is our little baby? Thank you Miss Brenda for being a wonderful breeder and allowing us to raise your "Champ." :) Here's a look back...

Bless Their Hearts

Probably the most popular saying here in the Carolinas is "Bless your heart" and it can pretty much mean anything from "I feel for them" to "what a sicko!" For example, it would be perfectly acceptable to hear "bless your heart" in response to:

*Little Ms. Soandso is still sick...yes...she hasn't been able to go to church in 3 weeks...
Bless her heart.

*That old man is mean as the dickens...no wonder he is in jail.
Bless his heart.

*Those kids are running smack wild around here...I think they need a busting.
Bless their hearts.

*So that's all the gossip I have about that family...can't you believe it?
Bless their hearts.

It's taken a little time but "bless their hearts" has now become a part of my auto responses too. All you mid westerners (thats what Carolianians call people from Oklahoma) should give it a try. Be sure to tilt your head slightly and follow it up with a little smile and nod.

Friday, November 9

Whoa there Pilgrim

Andy just asked if we still had balloons. When I shook my head no he informed me that he was "going to throw a fit." What the heck? I told him to go right ahead. He shrugged and said he didn't want to. He walked away.

Nice. When did he get to the cognitive age of being able to *warn* us that he is about to evoke his fit throwing powers? How long did it take me to notice? It is game on! I can not STAND to see a kid get his way because he throws a fit. Every time you give in you have just reinforced that this behavior is not only acceptable but powerful and productive. You think you are saving yourself some grief when you are actually causing yourself future grief.

There are no super parents here. We give in and fail just like everyone else but it appears that today the youngest has made it clear that he has a solid grasp on the art of manipulation. There's no more "just let him have it because he's little and doesn't understand" mentality. There is a difference between nurturing and babying. Andy is about to learn that difference. Time to dig out those Kevin Leman books and be ready for round one.

Thursday, November 8

Worth watching for the millionth time

Again, with reruns like this we don't need those striking writers anyway-

Monday, November 5

Gimme a Break

Writers on strike? Who cares? Let's turn off the tv and go outside.

Sunday, November 4

Double Standard

I have quite the double standard. When checking my blog roll I get a little upset with people that have not updated (Ashley, Jana, AnnaMay) recently. Yet, here I sit with more than a week in between updates. I've blogged many a times in my head this week yet none of them have made it here. Time is flying at a pace I've never experienced before. It's exhausting and exhilerating all at once. We've been triple booked all weekend and it's great. I like the busy-ness. I like the deadlines of "so and so will be here in 3.2 minutes so throw your crap in a basket and hide it under your bed kids!"
I like- no I love- that we've spent time with many different friends this weekend. We've noticed how each couple adds soemthing different to our life. What a blessing that is! That's a whole other blog- the blessing of differences. But for now, I must close and go clean house- digging out the baskets of crap we threw under the beds to neatly return each item to it's proper place. Yeah right. ;)