Monday, April 30

What's Trademark?

Some of you were asking what Trademark is. Here is their site and you can watch the show Real Deal on the Learning Channel on Saturday nights. It's a ritual here...every Saturday night we watch lots of House Flipping with E and D. Trademark's show was on A&E and we've seen all those episodes--multiple times. So when the new show debuted a couple weeks ago it was an all out Horner/Hummel party! Those guys are living the dream...our dream!

Sunday, April 29

Opening up...

Welcome to my "secret blog." I've had this one for quite awile, the idea was to have a blog very few people knew about so I could really use it like a journal and write my deepest feelings in it...well...I barely wrote anything in it. Since my 50 megs site is changing, and I am too busy and lazy to search for another place to move that site, I thought I would just open this one up. Warning- this one will be more of a personal blog than a family homepage. I will probably post more often but it'll be rambling some days, griping some days, dreaming some days. But always honest. I am going to move our pictures to flickr....or maybe photo bucket...still working on that. The 50megs site will stay up awhile but I probably won't post over there anymore. This site is called...Sweet Tea for Me....yes it is cheesy but this was my secret site so I could be cheesy here! Besides...its a cute lil southern name...all tea is sweet tea here.