Thursday, May 30

Has Anybody Seen My Soul Sister?

I read a great blog post tonight. It was a post that made me laugh out loud- for real.  Memories from Carpool Mom came flooding back.  I don't know Carpool Mom in real life but back in my blogging days I "read her" religiously.  Her posts were like reading my own thoughts...especially when she talked about Pollyanna here and when she read my mind about fixing dinner here.  Love her. She is my soul sister.

Then, just like a bad Lifetime Movie, she disappeared. No more posts. She just vanished. Days, weeks, months went by.  I left her a comment. No reply.  I emailed. It bounced back.  Now I know what you are thinking.  Clearly she had me blocked. Clearly my soul sister comment crossed the line and she was probably tossing around phrases like "restraining order" and "psychiatric help" but I assure you that isn't the case.  She linked me. She commented on my posts too.  We had bonded through cyberspace.

Even though Carpool Mom hasn't updated her blog in 5 (yes, five) years. I haven't lost hope.  I won't give up the search.  I keep checking. I keep expecting her to show up somewhere. But I admit I am getting a little desperate.  Come back to me Carpool Mom. I miss your tales of Mayberry.

I'm not above putting her picture on a milk carton. I just don't happen to have a picture of her. I don't even have her last name. I began enlisting help with the search. Tonight I emailed another stranger that also happened to comment on her posts. Now she very well may be throwing around those phrases of "restraining order" and "psychiatric help" because it is hard to ask a stranger if she knows the whereabouts of a mutual stranger without sounding slightly off balance.

Now I wait. I wait for a reply from a stranger. Who am I kidding? I won't just wait. If you need me I'll be googling my soul sister...stalking Facebook...perhaps contacting the milk carton people.