Friday, April 24

Popplin News is Popping!

This image is coming soon but the exciting news is already here! Poplin has a mascot. The kids voted and the winner is.....A Poplin Patriot! Ok, not my first choice but it'll do. It is better than the Ponies or Pigs (sorry Pay). What does a Patriot actually look like anyway?

Other Poplin news has been flying in as well. I will be teaching Kindergarten next year which means I will have a lovely "learning patio!" Ohhhh the plans I have for a learning patio.... We've also started putting together some ideas for the school dedication, open house, and Spirit Day. This is such an exciting thing to be a part of- as a parent and a professional. We'll have a son that is a member of the first "graduating class" and another a part of the first Kindergarten class.

In other news, G-mama and Papa are here for a visit which means Charlotte sight seeing will begin again. Tomorrow starts early with Maci's 5k here in Lake Park and then a trip to the EpiCentre in uptown. More pictures coming soon....

Saturday, April 11

The List

I have a mental list going of things I must get done over spring break. Things like getting ahead on the TWO grad school classes I'm taking this term, faxing the paperwork over before the kids dental appointments, getting Maci's bazillion pieces paperwork ready for cheer tryouts, planting sunflowers, placing a picture in the adorable empty red frame on the mantel, renting a carpet cleaner, and hitting the gym at least 3 times.

Sure all that is more than enough to keep me busy but still I don't feel like it is enough. I wish I was craftier like this mom and thriftier like this mom. I haven't even kept up with the blog lately.

It isn't for lack of material to write about. It's been crazy busy around here- but in a good way. There have been lots kids at the house round the clock. (just like we like it...having the hang out house) I'm packing boxes and preparing for a new school next year. Possibly new grade? And when I say *new school* I mean NEW SCHOOL! That is so very exciting!

We've had great game nights with friends, gotten involved in a new church (by involved I mean attended regularly and toyed with the idea of really getting involved) and we even pitched a tent and camped out last week. So there has been lots to write about. Why haven't I been writing? Maybe because it wasn't on the list. I'll add it. Keep checking back...I'll get back into the groove...for real.

Wednesday, April 1

Yes, It's True

Yes folks. It's true. We have stepped into the 21st century. After months- years rather- of avoidance we have ditched the VCR for good. And thanks to a "2 years free* promotion" we now have DVR. Now, don't let Time Warner fool you. This *free* deal will cost you approximately 3 phone calls, 57 minutes of your precious time, 100% of your patience, and actually is more like a "DVR 50% off" promotion. (but don't point that out to the Time Warner people because they get a little defensive and a lot long winded about it)

Regardless, it's not a bad deal. We can DVR all those great middle of the night shows like Gullah Gullah Island to watch the following afternoon. We can skip commercials during House. We can even answer the phone during Lost. It's not a bad gig.

(please don't really call us during Lost though...I don't trust DVR that much)