Saturday, June 26


Being birthday season around here, there has been quite a bit going on. Like last night we had 439 boys spend the night for Aaron's birthday. What? You don't believe it was 439? I was awake all night listening to them run and laugh and play games and theorize about how the hover craft works. Trust me. It was 439. Who knew they were going to stay up ALL NIGHT LONG? I certainly didn't. Aaron is a bit of an old man. Early to bed- early to rise kind of guy. I mistakenly thought that would mean easy breezy (quiet) night. Whatthecrapever.

Anyway. The night is over. The 439 extra boys are gone. I have surveyed the damage and actually they are more loud than destructive. I don't see any major issues...unless they hid some broken something... I am a huge bit sleepy and a slight bit grumpy. But hooray for week we do it all again with 439 girls!

Saturday, June 19

Refurbishment Trouble

Brace yourself. Walt Disney- One Man's Dream will be closed for refurbishment August 16- November 2nd. Sad sad day for us because our trip falls smack in the middle of that refurb time. This is one of those inspiring, educational attractions that everyone must sit through. Multiple times. Learning of Walt's it really didn't all start with a he was such a risk taker...believing in his dreams. Beautiful. Some have even been known to get a bit teary during the film at the end. (Don't tell Brad I told you.)

Also disturbing...It's a Small World will be on the refurb schedule during our visit as well. That is most disappointing for baby Cade. He will be at the perfect age to enjoy the simplicity of the attraction- and not be left humming that song for the rest of the day.

Don't worry family...I have a plan. If I start now- perhaps I could whip up several multicultural puppets and we could put on our own version of Small World for CaderTot. Anyone have a boat? Practice the song people....practice the song.

Thursday, June 17


Magazines PILE up around here during the school year. I never even flip through them until summer is looming. Then, I mark them. I go through the Kraft Food and Family ones first and mark all the new recipes I am going to try before school starts. I love those recipes because they are for real people with real lives and real kids- kids that will offer their real opinions.

Aaron and I began by working on this one together. Of course we started with a dessert! They call these "Buckeye Bars" but we just call them Peanut Butter Squares. YUM-O.

What you need:
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, softened
3/4 cup crunchy peanut butter
22 NILLA Wafers, crushed
2 cups powdered sugar
1/2 of 8-oz. tub COOL WHIP Whipped Topping (Do not thaw.)
3 squares BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate

LINE 8-inch square pan with foil, with ends of foil extending over sides. Beat butter and peanut butter with mixer until blended. Mix in wafer crumbs. Gradually add sugar, mixing well after each addition. Press onto bottom of pan.

MICROWAVE COOL WHIP and chocolate in microwaveable bowl on HIGH 1 min.; stir. Microwave 15 to 30 sec. or until chocolate is melted; stir until blended. Spread over peanut butter layer.

REFRIGERATE 2 hours. Use foil handles to lift dessert from pan before cutting to serve.

Did I mention YUM-O? Recipe courtesy of Kraft Food & Family

Wednesday, June 16


I am really enjoying this corner of the house. It is in the front room. We call it the front room because it's in the front of the house and I refuse to have a "formal living room." I'm just not a "formal living room" kind of girl. We love the Welch's idea of a media room but we don't currently have any media equipment so that name didn't stick. The kids call it the empty room...which is pretty true...except it is home to my favorite chair.

The chair just happens to totally match the drapes. People say God doesn't care about such fashionista things but when I found this chair I knew better. God must enjoy fabric harmony.

Tuesday, June 15

The Mud Room

At the "old house" I put all the kids' artwork on the walls of my closet. In the "new house" I'm hanging it all in the laundry room. I think it is adorable.
As a side note, I tried to call this space "the mudroom"- just because I've always wanted a mud room I guess. Also because there is a sink in there and I think that qualifies it as a mudroom. But the name didn't stick. No one else called it "the mudroom." And when I would say something was in the "mudroom" they would always say, "Huh? You mean the laundry room?" So there you have it. Cute art on the wall of the mudroom laundry room.

Monday, June 14

My Class 2009-2010

Finally. A way to post my kids without breaking any privacy laws. Here are 17 of my 21 loves from this year. 1 was absent and 3 were too cool to participate. Sad day for them. On this particular day we were celebrating flip flops. We do that sort of thing in my class. It wasn't even my idea actually. But still. We do that sort of thing in my class. We do educational things too of course.

Sunday, June 13


Seems like we went from this...

to this....

to this....

and this...

in the blink of this...

Congratulations Patriot of Academics! Off to middle school you go!!!

Saturday, June 12

Pre Blogging

I'm preblogging for the next few days. So far I have completed the entry below about Gracie, one on my class, a crafty idea, and one for Aaron's graduation. They'll post over the course of the next few days. Is this cheating? Maybe. But at least I will make my newly sanctioned blogging quota for the month. I've been such a blogging slacker lately.
PS- Don't you just LOVE my new chalkboard stand thingy?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Found it on clearance at Kirklands Home. I almost bought two. I don't need two but I love it that much! It's two sided by the way. (Kirklands off Providence Rd. by On the Border...hurry...go get one!)

Love and Gracie

Andy remained "single" for awhile as his heart mended after Stacie's wedding but you know the can't keep a good man down. The love bug has bit him again. This new love isn't quite as tall but she is a brunette. She also has quite a sense of style. These are the deep qualities Andy looks for. He picked her out of the kindergarten crowd early on in the year and has remained loyal ever since. Bless her little heart she is smitten as well.
I'm saving this picture...just in case I need it for a wedding slide show someday.

Thursday, June 3

Sweet 15

Happy Anniversary to us. Happy Anniversary to us. Happy 15 year anniversary dear us. Happy Anniversary to us. I couldn't let this day pass without some type of post. However, we are waiting on a new cord for our wireless stuff (how ironic that we need wires for our wireless). Anyway, a proper anniversary post will follow with pictures and music when internet access is fully restored. I love you Brad...15 years...seems so long yet to quote your "favorite" artist, "we've only just begun."