Friday, June 22

Happy 13th Air Bear

Ah, It Feels Good to Be Home

Whew. Last year is a blur. I worked morning, noon, night, and midnight- all year.  My family forgot who I was.  They referred to me as that lady that works in her office. It wasn't pretty. So I made some tweaks, adjustments, all out overhauls to my work schedule and here I am. Back. Whew. It feels good to have some time for a life again.

What has changed? Everything. I "retired" after 10 years of teaching Kindergarten to be a work at home / stay at home mom.  I terminated my contract with a vacation booking company in lieu of getting plans together to work for myself.  I stepped back to get the priorities back in order. I stepped out of the insanity to find some peace.

I sleep a little now.

My kids are learning who I am again. My husband says he had really missed my cooking. My dogs even feel a difference.

Part of this priority arranging means getting this blog up and going again. I love it. I love having an outlet for my thoughts.  I love sending words into cyberspace not knowing or even really caring if anyone else ever reads them. This blog is a selfish thing to a large extent but it is also a way to journal and create a niche for our family memories to hang out there indefinitely.

So. If you used to read me, I'm back. For real this time. I'm not promising a post every day or anything but I am up for a little healthy blogging therapy.

Good to see you again world.