Saturday, October 27


I bought it. I am going to read it. I will report later.

Friday, October 26


I am typically pretty light hearted on this blog. Today's post is a little heavier than I would like. But this day was a little heavier than I would like. I joke that blogging is therapy...if it really is, I am saving a bundle of money today because I'm going to unload.

Last October I wrote the following blog entry-
My top Pet Peeves- for the moment--
1- Unprofessional people
2- 2 faced people
3- People unqualified for their professional position
4- Stupid people
5- People that cater to stupid people

This October I have to say it all again. Whatthecrap are people thinking? Have you ever wondered that? I witnessed a sequence of events today that are just unbelievable by a so called professional and leader. How do people like that get promoted to the point of incompetence?

The silver lining, I am also witnessing a group of people willing to stand up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH! It's about time. If we would all do that, if we would stand up for ourselves and for what is right there could be a change in the tide. Quit riding the waves people. Change the tide!

Wednesday, October 24


Some things just don't make sense. Here are a few examples-

*Braille on the drive thru ATM.

*White carpet.

*Mini skirts in a size 42.

*Southwest over selling every freaking flight. Ever watch Airline? This over selling is a constant issue.

*School starting before Good Morning America has it's first commercial break.

*Giving incompetent people power. Look around. They are everywhere.

*The whole "do not use while in the shower" tag on your hair dryer.

To be continued....

Sunday, October 21

Festivals & Field Trips

I've had a very pumpkin filled weekend...a field trip to the pumpkin patch with Andy's class, Hallounko that night (I won again!!!), and painting pumpkins at the festival Saturday... It sure feels like fall. Here are some random ramblings from the weekend...
* Andy told me he had a "super duper" time at the pumpkin patch with me. That's the best compliment a mom can get. :)
* I'm so glad I have a husband that will drag me on the stage to dance even when I seem to protest.
*Ashley is such a cool chick she isn't even mad at me for dragging her into this whole festival planning thing....AND she's staying on board to see that the Christmas event is even better! You rock Ashwee!
* Kids love to paint pumpkins. You can go through 300 pumpkins in 3 hours they love it so much. You also go through 300 packages of wipes.
* Some parents are as dumb as their kids. Did that dad honestly think it was ok for his 2 boys to paint NINE pumpkins???? You cheater cheater pumpkin eaters. Go eat your nine pumpkins.
* I learned if you win Bunko 2 months in a row, your score card is audited. Not really but I felt I should offer. I honestly hope I don't win anything next month...for my own safety. Women get vicious over shopping the day after Thanksgiving.
Great weekend. I hate to think about Monday being so close. But we gotta get through the Mondays to get to the Saturdays.

Monday, October 15

Follow that Mouse

One of our teachers just got back from DisneyWorld. As we stood on the bus parking lot looking at pictures and reliving her trip, I was mentally making a packing list. Don't ya just want to load up and head out with me? Here are the top 10 reasons why I NEED to get back to Disney-
10- That's the only place on earth I don't mind getting up at 6 am.
9- That's the only place on earth I don't mind walking 5 miles a day.
8- That's the only place on earth I am oblivious to the weather conditions. Hot? Cold? Raining? I don't even notice.
7- I need to sit on that curb and wait for the parade. I just need it.
6- I can barely remember the taste of the hot dogs at Casey's Corner on Main Street- but I remember they are the best.
5- It's downright frightning how excited I get about the planning involved in a Disney trip.
4- My Andy has NEVER been to Disney. That's just wrong and makes me a bad bad parent.
3- Since I plan to retire there I need to stop by HR and get an application. I like to plan ahead you know.
2- The expressions on the kids faces makes it worth every penney...and dime...and quarter...
1- I miss that mouse- and his little girlfriend too!

Friday, October 12

No More Settling

This is my theme song right now. I have a lot of ideas and various dreams rumbling around. I don't know the exact road yet, but I know that I can do what I want to do. I can make a difference in this city, state, WORLD. I don't have to settle for something that is less than what I am capable of or something less than the dream I have. (please no one panic...this is all professionally speaking...I'm not leaving my family or anything wild like that!)

So in the words of Sugarland-
I ain't settlin' for just getting by. I've had enough so so for the rest of my life. Tired of shooting too low so raise the bar high. I ain't settling for anything less than everything.

Wednesday, October 10


Every now and then I just get an ache to go home to Church on the Move. Today is a day like that. I have many of Pastor George's CDs. I listen to them. I have Andy Chrisman's CDs. I listen to them too. But there are days when I just ache to walk through that parking lot, in the door by the KOTM checkin, drop off the kids, and get into the auditorium early enough to watch all the announcements on the video before service begins. I ache to see Andy come out on that stage and lead the worship. I ache to hear Pastor George- in person. Maybe it is just the stage of my life right now but that fatherly voice preaching the Word to me is just what I long for. Yeah, I know I can feed myself. I know I can go to church here. I do those things. But today- right now- whether it's right, wrong, or indifferent- I need to hear Pastor George. Service starts there in under 2 hours. There is no earthly way for me to get there. But for some you reading this, you could get there. Go. Go for me. I know you may have never been there before and its big and you don't know where to park or sit or whatever. Who cares. Just go. Man I wish I could.

Monday, October 8

A Plug

To my fellow Charlotteans (did I spell that right?) this is a plug for a local heating and air company. Remember in the summer when we were having RECORD high temperatures? Well that's when our AC went out. We called Brothers Heating and Air and they were out that same day to fix us up. I called 3 or 4 places but Brothers was the only one that didn't charge an outrageous fee to come the same day. The man they sent was great- efficient, friendly, and fast. The bill was reasonable.

Sooooo....last night when Maci hollered "Your ceiling is leaking!!! Your ceiling is leaking!!!" We quickly figured out it was time to give them a call again. I'm admitting my ignorance here but I didn't even KNOW we had part of our AC unit in the attic. For some reason they put everything in the attic around here. Makes no sense...leaks are horrible if they happen and getting to the problem is always tricky. Tricky for Brad. I wait safely on ladder step 4...maybe 5 if I feel adventurous. Anyway, the leak Maci was referring to was in our bedroom closet and was more like a fast steady trickle than random drops A number of shirts were already drenched (Brad's side of the closet- thank goodness ;)

To make a long story short....the leak was from the AC unit...he explained it to me and I could try to explain it here but that's really not the point and I may show my ignorance again when I try to use technical terms like "that thingy" and the "other thingy."

Continuing on with the story....we spent last night without air. Thankfully Carolina fall nights are perfect. The day today was not. (90 degrees in October?!) fear because by 2:30 pm my same little man from Brothers was here to save the day. He fixed us up in under an hour, gave a tip on sprinkler systems for my friend AnnMarie, left a modest bill, and was on his way to save someone elses day.

I hope all your hot days are cool and your cold days are warm but if not-- you know who to call!

Saturday, October 6

Friday Funny- A day late

Ya'll know I can't remember anything- but I do remember every one of these scenes. I love John Ritter! Enjoy. :)

Tuesday, October 2

Revelation- Too Late

If I've talked to you in the last 24 hours, skip this post because you have already heard it.

I have hideous heartburn. Daily. 150 mg of Zantac or generic Zantac takes care of it but man when I run out- it is not pretty. Last night was one of those nights. With no other option (besides a midnight run to WalMart that I just refused) I sucked down Tums. Tums are like Taco Bell...seems to go down alright at first but later makes you feel sick as a dog. So today and tonight...sick as a dog. Yuck.

What's the revelation? The non stop morning sickness I had with all 3 babies had to be at least 60% Tums sickness. DUH! Why am I so slow in recognizing these trends? I lived on Tums during pregnancy- thus the constant need to hurl. I personally will never test this theory but still it's good to figure out. Even if it is 10 years too late.

Monday, October 1


It's been a crazy afternoon. Not crazy like we had a ton to do but literally crazy. The final straw was this- I'm talking to Erin on the phone. The doorbell rings and I see bikes in the driveway. I think it is one of Maci's friends so I can answer while still on the phone. I get to the door and it is one of my students with his dad. I honestly do not mind this. Truly. The little guy figured out where I live and wanted to pop in and say hi. That would have been just a sweet little story. However, as good goes to crazy, Spicy darts out the door and takes off running. Andy darts out the door (without pants...nother story...)and begins chattering to this dad about his own bike AND training wheels AND that he doesn't have on pants... then Maci darts out after to chase Spicy. Meanwhile, I am at the door pretending that I'm not holding a phone on the other side of it and turn on my teacher smile and talk without missing a beat. I couldn't repeat a word of the conversation because the entire time I was thinking, "I'm going to skin that dog! Andy looks homeless without pants. Where did Maci go? Can I throw this phone without this dad hearing the crash when it lands?" Erin got tired of holding on and hung up. So then the loud shrill beeping noises started. I silenced them by covering the ear piece with my thumb. Now the little boy that came to see me has actually wandered back to the street but Dad and I are left to converse. Holy crap. The confusion doesn't stop me from recommending that little boy could write about his visit in writers workshop tomorrow. :) That's a dang good teacher or one trying to make up for the craziness that probably appeared to be flowing out of my household. I had no picture to I had to use "Cartoon Me" again.