Wednesday, March 25

Happy Birthday Grandmama. Love you. Miss you.

Monday, March 16

To Garden or Not to Garden

Brad and I have often talked about planting a vegetable garden. Last night the subject came up again. We both really like the idea and want to get started but quite honestly have no clue where or how to begin. Brad suggests we get some dirt, throw out some seeds, and see what happens. I have a feeling it isn't that easy.

I have this odd prairie like desire to spend time with the kids in a garden this summer. Then again, I could also spend time with them at one of the bazillion farmers markets around here. Same fresh veggies. Much less work. Possibly less satisfying.

So here I am. Online. Digging before we dig. If anyone can point me in the right direction...oh man...please do.

Monday, March 9

Not Much to Say

Not much to say, I just had to get rid of that snow picture being on top...I'm sooooo ready for summer and today's temps are perfect. I love love love this time of year. Don't you just feel better when the sunshine hits your face and the days are long and the weather is warm? Man I do.

Today was a teacher workday and it flew by. I got some planning done, had a long lunch with friends, packed a few boxes, and had a massage! God bless whoever came up with the idea of giving teachers massages on work days!!!

Monday, March 2

My View

How about a closer look at Mr. Obie Frosty Horner...I think the name is a nod to Star Wars maybe? Aaron gave him hair, Maci used blueberries for eyes, and Andy molded the nose. Brad filled in the gaps.

Snow Day

Here we are in the heart of the south, at the beginning of March, home because of snow. What is up with that? Once we saw Georgia getting hit we knew it was inevitable. When I say the world stops around here for snow, that is an understatement. At my last check there were 880 closings or delays reported on WBTV. The funniest delay is the ABC stores won't open until noon today. (those aren't school supply stores by the way...I know...I made the same mistake when we were new here)

On the agenda-

*snow ice cream for breakfast- check

*watch Saved By the Bell reruns with the kids- check

*clean my closet

*do the 2 hour delay dance for tomorrow