Sunday, September 28

Got Gas?

This gas issue is crazier than I have ever seen. We filled up yesterday morning (because we NEEDED to, not because we are in a panic like the majority of the area). We waited in line on Idlewild to get into the On the Run there by Lowes Foods. The line was crazy long but it moved quite quickly thanks to the OTR guys out there directing traffic. Two police cars were there to show presence. Apparently they were ready for the rush because there was no limit on how much gas you could buy.

Two things struck me as I sat there- the look of panic on people's faces as they were pulling in. It was like the day after T-giving sale minus the festive music. The panic around here has been out of control and embarrassing! Don't you just want to slap some people and tell them to chill out?! Maybe, that's just my thought... Anyway, I also saw a man filling his car and then TWO gas cans. I believe this mentality (along with the media frenzy) is to blame for turning what could have been a minor inconvenience into becoming a major problem.

If you have gas- don't go get more. If you need gas, calmly proceed to the next available station with gas. They are around. They may be few and far in between but they are around. This panic simply has to stop. You could even smile to people while you are filling up and quit acting like you are going to DIE in the next 5 minutes if you can't get your tank full. Please.

This scenario has clearly showed me that Americans will be the downfall of America. We don't need outsiders attacking us, we do a dang good job of that ourselves.

Friday, September 26

The Importance of Investing

You know, its all about the laws of investing . Follow me here...It's rainy and kinda cold tonight. I would love to hibernate all weekend long- starting tonight...but...that isn't happening because its QT night (small group). You see QT is a priority in the Horner house. It's a priority because we've made it one. We realize as a couple that relationships are vital to a full life. Therefore, we invest in them. Everyone needs relationships. Many relationships. Work friends, school friends, church friends, casual friends, and most importantly-LIFE friends. Life friends are the ones we share our life with. We depend on them. They depend on us. We bounce ideas around with them. We eat with them. We laugh with them. Sometimes we cry with them. They are the everyday- day to day- can't imagine life without friends. These friendships are intentional. They are ones we value the most. Not all of our life friends are in this QT group but many of them are...and because of that we are happily bundling up, baking some beans, and heading out to QT. We have an investment to make.

Saturday, September 20

Oh My Blog!

I was looking through my pictures file and saw this picture- Crap! This was a blog I forgot to blog! This blog was going to be about how I watched the hurricane come in to NC and how that was really interesting since it was just a few hours away and the weather channel was broadcasting from Ocean Isle yada yada. But now it has been too long and that blog has lost all relevance.

Another happening I forgot to blog about was our AWESOME staff development trip to the White Water Rafting Center- we rafted class 4 rapids and had a great time doing it. That really would have been a good blog.

Am I the only one that mentally blogs things but never actually gets it on the pc? Often I will think and maybe even say, "oh I'm going to blog about this," but then life happens and I wake up days (or weeks) later realizing I never got it done.

Which reminds me, I meant to write a blog about how certain people in my life (you know who you are!) will feel really bad for making fun of my memory loss if I end up with Alzheimer's or something!

Monday, September 15

A Pop A Day...

may not keep the doctor away but it can cure almost anything! Thanks again for the pop today my friend. Mondays are way better with caffeine and not just any caffeine but vanilla-DP-with-sonic-ice-caffeine. You rock!

Tuesday, September 9

You Wanna Be Pot or Kettle?

Conversation between me and my dad tonight. He is in the front yard smoking his pipe and I am in the Durango pulling out of the driveway.

He says, "Where are you going?"
I say, "I am going to tan."
Then- no joke- my dad pulls the pipe out of his mouth and says, "thats not good for you."
I say, "Thanks pot."

Sunday, September 7


Todays church experience was a little (to be kind) frustrating. Let me just say this and it applies not only to churches but to businesses, hospitals, schools, anywhere people are involved. If you are involved in the decisions process you should also be involved in the carried through 'this is what people actually go through' process. For example, something may look great on paper. It may seem to work well when it is verbally explained. However, until it has been practiced you won't see the issues. You won't feel the frustrations.

So....powers that be....walk through your processes. NOT as a staff member that recieves special treatment but just as a regular guy off the street. I think you may be surprised what you find out.

Friday, September 5

Still Raining on My Parade

OK, still in her quest to foil my huge victory- Ashley tells me she went to the gym again tonight and the weight/body fat machine is apparently out of order. Whatthecrapever. I still say she is just jealous of my miraculous results.

Thursday, September 4

Lessons Learned Part 2

Lessons learned from the gym tonight.

1. Hydration makes all the difference.
2. Those little TV screens on the treadmill make a decent mirror.
3. Friends are happy for you when you make progress.
4. Best friends question the machine and make you do a redo.
5. Then they question gym personnel on the validity of the machines.
6. But happy day for me because those machines are "highly accurate!"

Monday, September 1

Trip Report

Here is a mini trip report for the mini beach trip. (please ignore the fact that I look like a tin soldier in that picture...)

We headed down on Friday afternoon to the Lazy Daisy beach house on Sunset Beach. Friday night was highlighted by a trip to Broadway at the Beach. The best line of the night was Ashley reading the sign "pavement ends %$*&!" almost simultaneously as we hit dirt. The sign didn't say %$*&! but Ashley added that part herself. I don't cuss but if ever there was an appropriate cussing moment, this was it. Apparently Joe's intuition was correct and we weren't going the right way.

Saturday we slept in and laid out on the beach. Oh wait, we also took a 4 mile trek to spend a little quality time at the Kindred Spirit mailbox. Great concept. Great views. Don't walk past the mailbox though. Seriously. Don't. Don't ask me how I know.

Saturday night the guys planned a special dinner for us complete with expensive seafood and cheap wine. They prepped. They grilled. They even lit candles. Actually it was candle. But it was very thoughtful and very sweet and I liked the cheap wine. I know they say wine is good for you but I wonder if they mean the kind that comes from Food Lion?

Sunday we slept in and laid out on the beach again. No walk this day. The guys got some body boarding in though. We went to Broadway at the Beach again and stayed on the pavement the entire way. We also ate dinner at a fabulous place called Carolina Roadhouse. It was awesome even though it wasn't in "the plan." I think I went with the flow rather nicely!

Today we slept in a little and did a little shopping and a little eating before heading back to the land of responsibility. Oh! I almost forgot, I brought home a perfect sand dollar. In fact it was so perfect, Joe and Ashley even removed the 59 cent price tag from the back. Thanks guys! And next summer I really will get up at sunrise to go find one myself. Seriously. For real this time.

A Must Have

Every family should have an Osborn. Our Osborn is the greatest thing since sliced bread. We came home from a fabulous weekend at the beach with the Brownies and found our kids happy, healthy, AND icing homemade sugar cookies. They went to the movies, swam multiple times, played at Matthews Alive, and got to eat all their favorites like mac and cheese, pizza, and Sonic! When Andy snuggled me tonight I told him how good his hair smelled and he said, "Thanks. Osborn washed it for me." Thank you Miss Osborn for not only taking care of our kids but loving our kids! We love you too!!!