Saturday, November 27

I'm not a violent person and we never allow yelling in our house. But tonight the stars aligned...  Oklahoma bedlam came to Charlotte television. I haven't watched a bedlam game in years. Years. That may be a good thing because tonight I have heard myself yelling at the tv a *teensy* little bit. Yelling phrases like "throw him down", "tear him up", and GET HIM!!!"  The kids said, "Mom- why are you so growly?" Growly? No worries, it's just bedlam dear.

But honestly, must they play Boomer Sooner every freaking time those boys do the slightest little thing? Puh-lease. Just because OSU has a crappy fight does that fight song go anyway?

So the game continues...Brad watches from upstairs. I watch from downstairs. This ensures a happy marriage after the 4th quarter.

I promise I'll keep my yelling to a minimum.

UPDATE- interceptions release me from that promise. stinking freaking piece of crap game.
UPDATE 2- Freaking play the entire game. I don't care who it is. I don't care what the score is. Play the  whole game.  Seriously. Other than that- good game!

Elf Vision

Andy's favorite Christmas decoration is Santa's house. I picked the set up a few years ago from a "giveaway" pile at school.  One mans trash has been Andy's treasure. He looks forward to playing with this little set every season. 

This year, Santa's house is decorating the downstairs "powder room."  Andy was opposed to this location for obvious reasons but he soon realized it was indeed a decent home. (and "there is a fan in there if you need it")  He rearranges the elves often- its a new scene almost every time I visit the powder room.

Here is a picture of the most recent scene. Apparently one elf may have had a bit too much to drink. I'll keep you posted on the elf happenings as the season continues...

Sunday, November 21

Aw Man...

Don't you hate it when your pouting inadvertently turns into napping?

Saturday, November 6

Its That Time of Year Again

I hope everyone remembers my little spiel about the Happy Day shoppers vs the Sad Day shoppers from last year.  If you would like to be a Happy Shopper, it is now time to start checking BF ads for the latest ad releases.  Wal-Mart claims they are holding their ad until 11/21 but they also claim that they won't start the sale until 5am and we all know the end to that story. I'm still annoyed by the way. 

As ads are trickling in I have already circled a couple things in Walgreens ad and just this morning I snagged the early Itunes gift card deal ($50 gift card for $35 at Walmart).  Please don't tell my children.

So as much as I love summer- and I do love summer. Black Friday excitement will keep me warm for a little while.