Wednesday, July 22

Another Classic

I think Tim is the only one that could make Carol lose it.

Remember This

We have WKRP set for DVR just hoping to catch this episode.

Tuesday, July 21

Summer is Slipping Away

Remember those old Country Time Lemonade commercials. They usually don't air them until the very end of summer. They tend to make me kinda sad. Like the day after you leave Disney kinda sad.

I'm trying to savor summer. But I am also looking forward to the fabulous fall events! I'm excited about getting into the new school (soon I hope), the Poplin dedication, Andy's first day of K, Maci's first football season as cheerleader, the Poplin golf tournament, and of course the Lake Park Fall Festival. Working on so many fall events seems to be making summer slip away. I must slow down and enjoy some more summertime. Quick! Somebody make some lemonade.

Monday, July 20

Somehow. Someday. Someway.

It is so way late and I so need to go to bed but I've had this "jumbled" in my head since Thursday. I need to get it "on paper" and see if it makes more sense that way.

Somehow. Someday. Someway. I need to be involved in the field of adoption. I don't mean adopt. That's not it. But I need to be in that field. I really wish I'd been an OB. Truly. I love childbirth. I loved loved loved volunteering as a doula at Hilcrest. I miss that. I need to be back in it. I also think I need to be "doulaing" for moms that are giving their babies up for adoption.

I know this doesn't make much sense. It's kinda like when you dream something and it all fits together in your mind but the moment you try to retell the dream to someone else you realize it really didn't make sense.

So...for now...until something else makes sense...I'll just keep on watching Deliver Me and Birth Day and Adoption Story- even MTV's 16 and Pregnant. Did you see it last week? That little 16 year old was so brave as she gave her baby to a lovely family. Her own mother was against it yet she pressed on. She needed some nurturing and it breaks my heart that she didn't appear to get any.

There are more girls out there that have babies they have no business raising. Maybe they just needed some love and nurturing and education to make better choices for thier children. Why aren't we doing anything about this? Why do we allow the cycle to continue? What can I do to make a difference?

Friday, July 17

Hmmm. Interesting.

Whether you like Rosie or not (for the record, I do) this is quite interesting. I've heard Rosie speak on the incidents of 9-11 before and while I've never been one for the conspiracy theories, she does raise many questions...

Wednesday, July 8

Free the Leash Kids!

Saw the funniest thing at the beach last week...a leash kid tripped on his own leash. It wasn't actually ON the beach but at the outlet mall. Still. Two adults. One kid. And a leash.

Maci and I quickly admonished eachother for laughing out loud. But who could help it? Then Aaron comes by and we tell him about it. The analytical child says, "How? Like face first or on his knees?" His knees of course. We aren't that cruel. There was no blood involved. He laughed too by the way.

But seriously. Free the leash kids! Leashes disguised as animal backpacks are still leashes. I'm as much of a helicpoter parent as the next guy. I get the whole safety thing. So hold the kid. Hold their hand. Don't hold a leash. Leash your dog. You can even leash your bunny. But don't leash your kid.

Chant it with me now. FREE the leash kids! FREE the leash kids! FREE the leash kids! FREE the leash kids!