Tuesday, July 26

Forever Reign

My current favorite and daily prayer. Listen and worship.
And for any Baptists that might be reading this, it is even ok to lift your hands on this one.
I won't tell. ;)

Sunday, July 17

Quotes of the Day & Other Smiling Times

Andy- (when we drove onto the island) "Yes! This is where all the good stuff happens."

Aaron- "I have sand in all my nooks and crannies."

Maci helped Aaron pick out some Axe spray deodorant at Walgreens. They were smelling ALL of them. Contemplating. Aaron was really listening to Maci's opinions and Maci was really trying to help Aaron make a good choice on his deodorant scent. When did they get so grown up?

Later I taught the kids how to play Balderdash. We laughed so hard we probably disturbed the neighbors. They are really good at it. Andy wanted to learn too. He is still a little young to get the whole concept which made things even more entertaining. I could tell you all the stories but they really are those "had to be there kind."  I'll just note this one so we'll always remember it...When it was Andy's turn to be the reader, he wrote down the correct definition and then mixed it in with our fake ones.  He read all the "fake definitions" and then prefaced the last one with, "Now. Here's mine." Bless him.  :)

Wednesday, July 13

Remember Me?

I really don't have much to say. Yet I feel I should post. I feel I should just stand up and wave, "I'm still here." I know things have gotten crazy the last couple weeks. I'm working. Working. Working. But you know how people talk about when you are doing what you love, it doesn't seem like work. They are spot on. I haven't minded getting up early or staying up late. I thought I knew so much about Disney only to discover how much I have yet to learn. I thought I was confident in my writing skills only to be given an opportunity that makes me doubt. Yes. It has been a crazy couple of week. But in a good way. And I'm still here. I'm starting to find the groove. I really didn't have to stay up this late tonight. Except I had 2 All My Childrens, 2 One Life to Lives, and 1 Bachelorette to catch up on. I couldn't even start them until all the boys were in bed. Funny how those boys don't like watching any of those shows with me. Maci does though. We watched together. The soap opera legacy lives on...at least until September. Sigh. Yes, I heard the news about the internet...but do you really think Susan Lucci is going to settle for an internet soap? Not likely.

So. As I said, not much to say except that I'm still here. Keep the tea coming...