Sunday, July 30


Yes! We saw the REAL weinermobile today. It was in Walmarts parking lot taking auditions for a new commercial. So....after we practiced in the car, I drug the kids--I mean happily escorted the kids up there to try out. They each sang the little song and got some applause and we were done. That's all there is to it. Now we just wait for the Weinermobile to roll up to the house and let us know we are in the top 20 finalists! Oh yeah, we can also see a little video of their audition online starting next week. Great thing for Grandparents to see! To me, it's all about the memories....even if the kids don't win...(can't imagine why they wouldn't though?!) they will ALWAYS remember me dragging--I mean escorting them up there to try out! ;)

Friday, July 28

Just a pretty

Ok, crafty strangers browsing the blogs-- I have a project I need to work on. But I don't know what to do. This is what I have--It's Mary Englebreit fabric. I love it! I used to have it covering the ugly side of a file cabinet at work. Now what should I do with it? It's about 2 yards or so- nice and wide too. I don't own a sewing maching so it'll have to be some non sewing idea. Suggestions?

Thursday, July 27

This blogger thing

So, I'm still not sure how this all works. Is anyone reading this? I love the idea of the blog though. I so wish this had been around when I was in high school. Man, I bet the kids have so much fun with blogs---what a way to flirt. We just had notes folded up like triangle shoved through those little slots in locker doors. No IMing back in my day. Sounds like I'm 100 but this was just back in the 90s! Times change fast. Can blogging be a real hobby these days? I like to click that "next blog" link and take a peak to see who pops up next. What is going on in this random strangers head. Hey, if you read this, will you leave a comment? Just something so I know I'm not like the invisible man here. I think all posts should have a picture--just because. So here is my just because picture--take on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.


I have been taking alot of pictures since we moved here. This is one of my favorites.
One of our first trips to the beach here I caught this shot of my little man's toesies in the sand. Doesn't it say so much? He appears to be oblivious to the fact that he is covered in sand. He sits and plays paying no attention to what could be a messy inconvenience. Don't you wish we didn't notice things like sand between our toes? What if we could just keep keepin on even when inconveniences come our way? What if we ignored "set backs" to keep on plugging away at our dreams. What if we were still so into play that we learned from it and let it be a part of our daily lives? How would things be different if we forgot our adult hang ups and spent some more time enjoying life and just playing in the sand?

Wednesday, July 26

A new way

One of the first things we learned here is the roads are crazy. They are crooked and never run straight north or south. If you feel like you should go left, chances are you better turn right. Forget about "going up a block and cutting over" it just doesn't happen here. So today, I was a little concerned when I hit a "road closed" sign on the way to the bank. I only know *one* way to get to the bank. How could they close a road and not offer an alternate route? As we started to reroute the kids were already doubting my abilities, "turn around Mom, we better just go back, are we lost?" But I kept on going. I was determined to get to the bank without a single U turn. We kept on and on and on until we made it. I was so happy I thought about grabbing my cell phone and calling someone to rejoice. But who do you call to say, "I made it to the bank!" Somehow it loses something in translation. As we headed back to the roads I'm more familiar with I had a sense of accomplishment. Pride. After 5 long months maybe I am finally getting the hang of these crazy Carolina roads.