Tuesday, August 2

Back and Ahead

July came and went with a blur. We slowed down one week to enjoy a nice relaxing vacation at Sunset Beach. Man we love that place. The weather was great, the waves were great (from the reclined position of my chair) and the company was great. We even had a vacation visitor that we all love. Thanks Miss Stacie for hanging with us. I like our beach chats.

I finally broke down and started using Google calendar. Life changing. Love love love it. I love the reminders, I love the color coding. I love how nothing has to be scratched out and it all lines up beautifully. As Martha would say, "it's a good thing." Having it on my new phone is an even better thing. We ordered Five Guys on Saturday just because "I have an app for that!"

The kids have had a million things on the calendar this summer too. Swim, drums, music, sewing, appointments, and always a bazillion extra kids at the house have made it go by even faster.  But now it is August...the month of many changes. I am sooooo looking forward to the Disney trip (that'll get its own post soon) in a couple weeks but I am sooooo not looking forward to going back to school the following week. It'll be ok once we get back into the groove but man I love summer. I love the late nights. I love the grilling. I love the sun shining at 8pm. I just love the sun. School means that fall and those 6pm sunsets are around the corner. Blah. Is it too early to countdown to summer 2012?