Sunday, April 25

He Is

It's been one of those times lately. As I am praying for the total healing of one of my friends and for a family that just lost their child, I am struggling to speak the Words of faith. I often go to music- music that speaks the Word so I can get that tune in my head and sing it over and over. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. Nothing is better than memorizing and speaking the scriptures of promise. But this song is the one I am also replaying over and over right now. I hope you will too.

Agree with me in prayer. He is. He was. He always will be. His promises are true.

I disabled my playlist for awhile. Use the popup links after this video to listen to other Mark Schultz songs- like Love Has Come.

Saturday, April 17

Forgotten Favorites

Before the move, I scavenged the internet for decorating / organizing ideas. I even created a folder for the saved pictures. Fabulous idea. If only I had remembered. By accident I came across the folder tonight and thought, "what's this?" Yes. I really did think that. My ADD seems to be getting worse these days as does my short term memory.

Anyway....where was I....oh I found these pictures of fabulous ideas. I especially love the shutters for mail holders. I still might implement this. You know I actually saw shutters for sale at my favorite consignment store last week when Kendra was here. I didn't buy them. Dadgumit.

Here are some more ideas I'm really going to try hard to remember...these are easy little summer projects.