Tuesday, August 21

The Green Smoothie

I've tried many new recipes this summer but the green smoothie is my favorite!  Sometimes I drink it for breakfast, sometimes for a snack, and even sometimes for my lunch.  It's super easy, super healthy, AND super yummy!  There are many variations of the recipe and I have actually tried it several ways but here is the recipe for my favorite.

Ingredients: one banana, frozen mixed fruit, 2 handfuls of organic baby spinach, water/ice
This is the fruit I like (from Target)
Dig out your blender and dust it off.  Now I don't know if the order matters but I put the frozen fruit on the bottom...about 1/2 of the small bag for 2 servings. Then break up a banana and drop it in.  Add 2 good handfuls of the spinach and about 1/2 cup of water and blend.  If I just bought the frozen fruit, I will often add a handful of ice to make it colder. Blend. Blend. Blend some more.  Sometimes you need to take a big spoon (I use the black Pampered Chef one--not wood!) and poke it all down a bit.  Don't poke too far or you will get a helping of plastic in your smoothie.  It's really that easy. It's really that good.  I don't think the calories matter when they are all healthy calories like this but it is probably under 100 anyway.

I've done it with peaches and strawberries...that is YUMMY too but using dark fruit makes it more brown than green.  Basically that means that this-
turns into this-
and just to prove that even your kids will like it....

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