Sunday, September 2

Loving the Look, Hating the Pictures

This was our first attempt at the deco mesh decorating.  We went with a garland for the mantel and I have to say I love it so much more in person than from these pictures. Why does the color never turn out right?
Here are the steps.
Step 1- Buy or make a work garland.  I couldn't find one to buy at Hobby Lobby so I made one.  I used wire twine and pipe cleaners. I tied the twine to the table and door across the room so make it pull tight. Attach the pipe cleaners by twisting them every about every 5 inches. It ends up looking something like this:
Step Two- Using the large roll of deco mesh, start at one end and attach it by twisting the pipe cleaner.  Pull it down to the 2nd pipe cleaner to keep your poofs a consistent size.  
Create the poof by attaching it at the first available pipe cleaner like this-
Step 3- Add various other ribbons in a zig zab pattern.   
We chose a red burlap, green damask print, and a plaid.  However, after starting the plaid we decided we didn't like it.  No big deal, just pull it back off.  That's the great thing about working with this is so easy to remove and start over until you have it like you want.  
Step 4- Add in picks of fall flowers, leaves, pumpkins, etc. etc.  We bought them in a bunch and then just pulled them a part. 
It is that simple!  Now, don't judge the top of the mantel yet...we are working on it...getting some ideas from pinterest to make it just right.  Don't judge the colors either. I'm not sure if it is the phone or the lighting or what but if you've been here you know that wall is a deep "barn red" and that is what the burlap is too.  I hate the way it looks pink here. Ya'll know me better than that, right?

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